The year has ended. We can now officially say hindsight is 2020.

After being in a headlong tumble-scramble from August onwards, I had a few days to sit after Christmas and move the bookmarks.

I read 128 books and chapbooks over the year, 21 chapbooks and 50 novels among them.

59% were by females, 35% by males and the remainder non-binary or multiple authors. (Males tend to be 47% most years).

48% were by Canadians. Until 2014 when I noticed Canadians tended to be about 15% then ramped to 69% range for a few years.

I got better at quitting what wasn’t working. I pressed on to finish things that I gave 1 star of 5 only 3% of the time and 30% of what I finished I’d give 5 stars of 5.

All the Amazon instant downloads added up to 3x more than brick and mortar bookstores. (*Hangdog expression.*) A lot came direct from publishers and authors, and as review copies. None from Little Free Libraries or free at curb like some years.

Didn’t do so great with GLBTQ+ this year with only only 15% but still that’s 2% more than last year. and 5% more than the year before.

16 books by Black writers (12.5%), 6 by Writers of Colour (5%), 10 books by Indigenous writers (8%).

[Compare 2017 where 28% were by POC or Black writers and 5% by Indigenous writers.]