I feel I am finally writing again. The sensation of poeming is more subtle, gentle and words come in slow measure but it is writing.

Lesley Strutt

Lesley Strutt died yesterday. That seems absurd and impossible. When she said she’ll be doing cancer treatments for the rest of her life, somehow my brain translated that as ‘good news, leukaemia can now be kept at bay successfully for years.’ When someone fades away, declines and is eager to leave for years, that’s a […]


In case you might like to see, here’s my profile at the League of Canadian Poets. Buy books and services from me and I will buy more books. And probably chocolate. And eyeglasses. It keeps the economy turning. Send best wishes, I’m trying to do a Canada Council application. Week 2.

Novel reads

More read recently. Or more accurately, finished lately. 13. Architects of Memory by Karen Osbourne (Tor/Macmillan, 2020) I gave a slog of a go to a few months ago and it didn’t click. Returning it was a quick read. It’s complex with many players in a world where there are freeborn and indentured and the […]


Books 7. Everything You Hold Dear by Jamie Sharpe (ECW, 2020) is working in the cynical mode of poetry of surreal, mechanical, process poetry where poems feel disenfranchised from the content part of heart. There’s two threads, one an abecedarian and the other not. 8. Peter F Yacht Club #29 (above/ground, 2020) is in a […]