On radio

From 4-5pm EST tomorrow, in the first of 2 hour show Bruce Kauffman and I chatLIVE on Finding a Voice locally at 101.9fm – or – Livestreaming worldwide at cfrc.ca BY 7PM THAT EVENING: On the blogspace at findingavoiceoncfrcfm.wordpress.com All shows remain there 4 years.

New reviews

Kees Kapteyn‘s review of footlights calls it powerful and luminous, and he comments, Everything literary runs on metaphors, acting as a lubricant for us to move through our lives. Pearl has a sort of sixth sense when it comes to seeing these devices, as if she sees a dimension few people can see. A penny […]


On a personal note, my mom’s funeral is tomorrow. I’ll give a eulogy, the first and hopefully last time, I’ll ever need to do that in life. How fitting that the pen my mom gave me for Christmas should run dry while I edit it.

Poetry readings

There’s still 7 days of readings left of free readings in VERSeFest. (You can always donate at the site so VF can do more than the funding.) As a new addition this year, the site has direct buy link of the collections of many poets, and sample poems of many of the poets in translation […]


How about that. It seems something like a longer poem has started to form. I’d almost forgotten the sensation. But I sat and the world and its clocks fell away and I have a draft. I’ve been feeling the occasional haiku, aided by reading many. They are concrete and present and that focus helps me […]