Anti-phobe day & poetics

It’s Anti-Hobit day. Anti-homophobia, Anti-Bi and Anti-Trans. Be aware of bias. When you write, you write from l your place and personhood. Class or processing past places or examining where you are. It may be inner place, the over-caffeinated jumpiness of anxiety or the centred calm that shapes syntax and what accumulates. The present leaks […]

Poetics Statement

poetics statement 2021 What am I trying to do? What am I trying to avoid? What do I value?  what do I want to write? why? what matters? what do I want to read? Is it still process not product? Whereas before I wanted to break systems of thought, habits and associations and what passed […]

Books read

90. Initial Response: An A-?Z of haiku moments by Maeve OInitial Response :An A-?Z of haiku moments by Maeve O’??Sullivan (Alba Publishing, 2011) is a coherent collection, with the structure allowing bite-sized units of poems. I was curious about her writing since she has a new collection from Alba coming so wanted to check it […]