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A themed collection where the thesis is restated for 80 pages. A collection of poems I done writ since the last book-thing. A narrative arc story as a poetry collection. A series of poems that add up to something. How?

Why is this poem here with these other poems and not in another book? As with theatre, there should not be a gun on the stage in act I if it will not be used.

What does each poem do to the further the inquiry which is the book? What is the central purpose of the speech. As with Grice’s Maxims: quantity, where one tries to be informative, giving as much information as is needed, and no more; quality, where one tries to be truthful, and does not give information that is false or that is not supported by evidence; relation, where one tries to be relevant, and says things that are pertinent to the discussion.

I love the non sequitur and info that slips out around the edges, but the core should hold. Without a container, it is chaos unconfined and white noise. We have enough white noise.

In past books I have failed, a social criticism poem of the prison system taken as light flarf. I generally need to improve my stage directions in telling people my intent as people apologize for laughing at what I intend as humour.

Why am I sharing these poems together? What to exclude? What gaps need to be cinched and where do I do elaboration so I am communicating not just trying to sell printed paper for someone to read like tea leaves?


I’m spread far on the internet. Not like the days when I had a dozen blogs, each to a subject, but when I’m silent here I may have posted at Instagram, Patreon or twitter.

I am in an editing crunch cycle. I’m going through the last 6 months of poem drafts, seeing what has legs, what fits with which manuscript, trying to get one manuscript out the door, one in order, one built. A fourth will have to wait its turn. I want to ship more poems out to magazines.

I’m thankful to the Canada Council for that encouraging grant that makes me feel like I’m doing something someone will want to read. And to my Patreon supporters who also encourage similarly.

A.M. Klein list

Because the Sun Hell Light Flesh Memorial Suite The Fool A Number of Stunning Attacks Alpha Female Chronicles footlights
Ghost Face
Not in Vain You’ve Sent Me Light The Eleventh Hour The Only Card in a Deck of Knives
I Am the Big Heart 

See the publishers and authors list. Shortlist of poetry of Quebec writers for the year will be announced Oct 15.