You probably heard Pedlar Press is closing this December after a couple deals to buy it fell though. Beth Follett has some thoughts on the publishing journey for those who may join, for one,

“Literary publishing is not a smaller version of commercial or large-house publishing. Our markets are absolutely different.”

” I do not believe the size of the literary market in Canada has grown that much since 1996. Larger lists, larger print runs, ebook production: none of these match current literary market demands. What has grown, what is being demanded, is diversity of voice.”

Haiku and Tanka

My best of 25 years of haiku and tanka never got officially launched thanks to Covid this spring but I have a box of copies.

(Éditions des petits nuages, 2020)

They are an oversized shape so cost a bit more to ship but for $15 it can be yours, all in.

If you want a sample of the style, here’s a trifold of haiku I’ve written since spring.

I made it for the Seabeck Haiku Getaway Oct 30-Nov 1.

I’ve wanted to go to this for years but it’s a fair hike to Washington. This year it was online.

All those faces

Some I knew previously, or met in person. Interesting to see people.

Brad Bennett’s talk on Euphony

Brad Bennett gave a great talk on Euphony. Imagine, nearly 150 people gathered for this topic.

Generally rhyme in English (but not in French) haiku avoid rhyme as it is very dense in a small form. Assonance and consonance are okay, but I’d never thought of slant rhyme as a way to write a haiku. David O’Meara’s talk at the Ottawa Public library years ago described how to brainstorm around sound to move the poem forward using sound links to help ideas cohere but to apply this to haiku as well is interesting.

Brad Bennett gave the example of “pond willow” instead of “summer willow” in a haiku as doing more sound work. The p near willow unconsciously suggests pillow, restfulness and the specificity of pond instead of a generic summer makes the image crisper and brighter.

Teachers have taken cracks at that since grade 9 English but I get onomatopoeia better this time with his subtler examples.

Sessions were recorded so I look forward to seeing this again, and the ones I missed.


The VF site is live! The festival runs online Nov 6-22.

The closing event for the 10th anniversary edition will host 5 minute readings from a few of the organizers: Chuquiao Yang, Éric Charlebois, Shery Alexander Heinis, Vivian Vavassis, David O’Meara, Michel Therien, rob mclennan, Susan Atkinson and myself.

See the Oct 22 schedule here.

Currently reading

Currently stacked to read in one room. I get a mouthful of words every few days.

Top to bottom: David Groulx, Ross Gay, Natalie Hanna, Pearl Pirie, Paul Perry, Rose Maloukis, Dane Swan (editor), Mary Jean Chan, Jamie Sharpe, Greg Santos, Gil McElroy, Susan Atkinson, Andrew Vaisius, Carla Harris, Roxanna Bennett, Donna Kane, Paul Vermeersch and Terry Ann Carter (editor).


The book launch was recorded and is on playback at FB. The footlights launch is on youtube too.

Thank you for all your love and enthusiasm and cheering! Thanks to David O’Meara and his questions that made me felt heard and seen. Thanks to Radiant for the organizing, promoting and editing of the launch.

Thanks to you who reported your copy is en route, or just arrived, or mid-way being read, and those inquiring where to get one. It all does a heart good.

Meantime, you can leave reviews at Amazon or GoodReads. Or list footlights as recommended at 49thShelf or review it at AllLitUp, the Malahat, or your favourite book review site.

Author Copies Received!

Radiant sure knows how to make an author feel special with a presentation box, kind words and card.

This was Oct 14th but I forgot about you who are not on Facebook where I shared them.

I have a few copies. Order from your local, or the press or me. I’ll have to work out postage but it would be about $24 by etransfer.