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Call Down the Walls

Dis/Ability Series #5 (Frog Hollow Press, Feb 2019)

Press run of 100. Poems $14 here

Broken Fractal Fractions

Nov 2018, no press


Broken Fractal Fractions New from no press: BROKEN FRACTAL FRACTIONS by Pearl Pirie (@pesbo); limited edition of 50 hand-sewn copies, $3.00ea, email to order


rob plunder gift

Nov 8, Battleaxe


rob, plunder, gift is a series of cento poems entirely taken from 57 of rob mclennan sources (books, chapbooks, magazines) over 25 years.


Sex in Sevens

Sept 2016, above/ground press


Sex in Sevens is a part of the CanLit tradition of a sex poem every 7 years, with some breaking within the time spanning age 17 to 45.

An Ongoing Lack of Spontaneous Combustion

words(on)pages, April 2016


Toronto launch April 20.

Ottawa launch June 5 at Pressed Cafe at Railroad.

An Ongoing Lack of Spontaneous Combustion is a collection of surreal poems with a menagerie of sidekicks, hippos and ladybugs, centipedes and giraffes, all on the same sometimes senseless, sometimes surreal, sometimes ecstatic journey.


Blurbinator bot said this: "Make no mistake about it. Pearl Pirie appears here as a successor to the lineage of WCW and George Oppen (to name but two)[...] the poems are surprisingly gentle and nostalgic, sometimes angry, sometimes philosophical, sometimes funny. Here whatever is made is made in motion. In the world described here, each of us is at least two people[...] Spontaneous Lack of Combustion calls and culls and questions what it is that holds any narrative together.[...]One begins to believe that our programming can be undone, the calendar rewritten, the train diverted to new destinations."


Salt Stains

Haiku Canada Review, Feb 2016, Feb 2016.


Salt Stains is a broadsheet of haiku and senryu published by Haiku Canada Review, edited by LeRoy Gorman included in the subscription with Vol 10, Feb 2016 issues of Haiku Canada Review


carrion flies buzz—
too soon too soon



Family Day
entryway footprints
are only mine


the pet radish, shrunken

(BookThug, March 2015) $18 from BookThug or me. The book is so real now that it has a page of its own.


"Her verbal verve is rooted in an ecstatic attentiveness to language, both found and formal. Moving from sonnets to dialogue poems to tercets, these poems shelter surreal and uncanny imagery. Charged with innovative and lyrical energies, the pet radish, shrunken is a gorgeous rebellion."

"Many of [Pirie's] poems work this way, dancing and sitting still at the same time; they crack the surfaces of their subjects, freeing all kinds of things to jump out."

I read the book through three times[...] I very much enjoyed it. I laughed out loud on multiple occasions which is no small feat for a book of poetry! It was delightful. The poems collected in the pet radish, shrunken invite us equally into routine and catastrophic events. The delights of each new moment is tied with those memories that so casually insist on a place in a present. With humour, play, and brass, Pirie revels in the daily raucous of domesticity, verbatim conversations, and the language that must somehow hold a whole existence

Please don't tickle the salamander's belly

(In/Words, 2015), $7. Hand-sewn. Color interior.


A romp through the surreal text of police, salamander's mothers, daughters and wooly mammoth fevers.


"moments of quick wit and punchy humour (i.e. “… never schedule a haircut / while your stylist is going thru a divorce.”)"

Supplemental page for the curious about source text: [pdf]


Reviews of Non-existent Titles

(Shreeking Violet Press, 2015), Size: 5.5" x 8.5", $7


Shreeking Violet Press at Etsy. Or send $9 for it and shipping to pearl [at] pagehalffull [dot] com.


A series of faux reviews of trope-infested theoretical works which Ryan Pratt described in a year's top 10 and which at Etsy received a 5 out of 5 star review. The publisher describes it as

Reviews of Non-existent Titles is a bitingly funny and thoughtful collection of book reviews of books that, well, don't exist. While the books may not be real, her commentary beautifully and painfully captures the dichotomy that surfaces when critically examining poetry - especially the kind that makes a reader cringe. These are the kinds of reviews reviewers wish they could get away with.

"It’s an enticing premise that Pearl Pirie explores, rendering what might’ve been a fun, conceptual exercise into a meta-mirror on the creative domain of poets and critics. There is some risk of pissing in one’s own pool, to that end, though I’d be lying if I said that didn’t give the chapbook some added intrigue. Luckily Reviews of Non-existent Titles errs on the side of irreverence and — much like the spirit of the popular NewsforPoets Twitter account — prefers sharp tongued satire to gatekeeper-ish policing. And like all good satire, it begs an honest glance: are Pirie’s made-up reviews really exaggerated or rooted more in reality than we’d care to admit?"

marilyn irwin's press


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polyphonic choral of civet tongues and manna

with ekphrastic collages by Musicmaster throughout.

(unarmed, 2014), 28 pages, 5 1/4" x6 1/2", USA

$4 +p&h.


Corpus search, scrabble incidents, and text that interjects into itself. An excerpt from

waking two hours before need
columnar queens cling to their yam eponyms.


knife-cooped between shoulder and glass. what, folks,
is true hunger? should absurdity disturb safety?


what creases the ease we plan. how to iron
our inflamed and blushing manses of spalled stucco?

today's woods

A different look at the story of the 3 little bears.

(above/ground, November 2014) 81/2 x 5 1/2

chapbook, $4




Goldy cannot get out of the woods in this skillfully and amusingly critical parable -- because those woods were darker and more complicated even back in 1918 than we readers first noted. Dark and complicated woods, which in Pirie's interrogative narrative become fresh woods too."

As if an intelligent child’s politically correct version/interpretation of the children’s story, the subtle truth and humor brings a smile as the poet chases demons. Ringing in on thoughts about injustice and the patriarchy, political schisms and racism, the unquestioning male iconoclast is called to question in the world of grizzly bears.
“the middle bed and medium chair and so-so bowl are mom’s and
The stolen things are all baby’s because injustice happens most to the smallest”

“alternate scenario: bears like their porridge cold
unlike little blondes with entitlement or no boundaries.”
In the Canadian tradition of Poet F.R. Scott writing satirical poetry and about social injustice, this is a new cyberphonic play on old themes, fantastical, as if picking up the thread and continuing. “are we still protesting this shite?” Enlightenment is the call of each new generation.

"Pirie’s today’s woods is a gorgeous example of experimental poetic collage narrative.

The texture of her language, thick and dense, is a stunning contrast to the sharp and cutting criticism levelled at the too comfortable white literary landscapes of colonized Canada. Pirie pierces the reader with the knowledge that sometimes we come to poetry in need of something that we weren’t aware we were lacking.[...]When we sit down with this chapbook, we are sitting down with our five year old selves; this poet gives us permission to grieve the flawed narrative fed to us by parents, teachers and larger cultural attitudes. That’s a tall order for a chapbook of four pages, but it’s done with such an agile voice that the reader is lulled into this jarring imaginary-real world."

A Long History of a Short History of the Vagina Eiffels

A fun rump in poems of remixing/messing with a poem of the Regina Rifles by Kemeny Babineau, Pearl Pirie, Gary Barwin and Jenny Samparisi.
(Laurel Reed Books, 2014). Edition of 39.

Chapbook: $10 $5.

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Book Cover

Vertigoheel for the Dilly

(above/ground, 2014),  8½x5½,, 20 p., $4

bastardized bastard ghazals.

""My epiphany— that Vertigoheel for the Dilly is a personal essay, touching on interests and frustrations that percolate through her social media outlets—barely skims the surface of this little chapbook’s big ambitions."

"a fantastical Canadian poetry read" where "As if howlin’ and howlin’ big at the moon, the enigmatic often dislocated wordscapes present a game, to see behind the curtain, what is being said, not said, what is happening, not happening, a truncated presentation, of the life and times in 21st century N.A. The seemingly disembodied thoughts brought together for a couple of lines, a free flowing Zen of creativity and landscape within very broken places.[...] As if drawing from the tradition of poetry influenced by war, perhaps T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, the introspective and disconnected thoughts in vertigoheel for the dilly are a distinctly Canadian take on a Western world bound by war.
Often poems work on different levels, something about the poem, draws you in, becomes somehow about you or about anyone that reads it, it becomes about us. vertigoheel for the dilly, a very powerful read from The People’s Poet, Pearl Pirie."


Now available at the Ottawa Public Library for borrowing in hardcover.

Quebec Passages

Mixture of lyric, vispo and form poetry about experiencing a train.
"Her dry humour just races around inside these poems […] Pirie's mature poems are Brautiganian whip-smart and as precise as pinched purpose. […] full of wisdom and a little piss and vinegar. Someone confident enough to let loose with those assuring assessments, clinical appraisals and whimsical amusements."
(Noun Trivet Press, 2014),  8½x11,, 34 p.,  $15 in person.

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(Snare, 2011) [sample poem.] [Book Trailer]
Thirsts, denied and indulged, overt and so subtle as to be unnoticeable, have a sometimes unexamined power in our lives. The passions we hold for one another.


The poems inThirsts descend from language, whether turns of local phrase to turns at the scrabble board. Words and frames obliquely enter and exit. It is characteristic of her poetry to find that right mix of slippage and balance. 


"reading a lot of poetry the meaning goes horizontal but this goes horizontal, vertical then vertigo." ~ Shannon Maguire


Locally check at  Octopus Books Invisible Publishing  is now managing the Snare imprint. Buy it from  Invisible Publishing  . Or you can buy from me directly. (Some  libraries  have both.)

been shed bore

been shed bore

Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie’s been shed bore, her first trade poetry collection, follows years of a small voice gaining in strength, and in volume, through so much subtle activity and quiet disconnect that by the time she was noticed, she was already everywhere, and already a confident voice. In a poetry built on the strength of play, Pirie’s writing...

"Pirie offers a fun house of animated choices as she tries out styles at disparate ends of the spectrum[...] Stylistically been shed bore offers a plethora of choices and the unendingly exuberant imagination of Pirie who comfortably stakes out her space as she explores a wide range of poetic forms. [...]This fine first book shows the dexterity Pearl Pirie brings to the page with confidence gained from the wide publication of many of these poems in journals, periodicals and anthologies."

Other Chapbooks by Pearl

Book Cover

Mammals of Hoarfrost

(Corrupt Press, 2011), A5, 28 p., €5  online or $10 in person.
Order Online
Book Cover

Between Stations

(obvious epiphanies press, 2011), 8½ x 11, 40 p.
Available from Lulu
$12 $6.50 
over my dead corpus Cover

over my dead corpus

(AngelHouse, 2010), 8½x7, 40 p., $15
Sold Out
Boathouse cover


(above/ground, 2008), 8½x5½, 24p, $4
Order Online
pagehalffull cover

life eaten with a spoon

(PageHalfFull, 2000), 8½x5½, 16p, freely distributed online and in paper
pdf here
Watermark me

Watermark Me Free (Part I): a woman’s life, roles, apart

(PageHalfFull, 2000), 8½x5½, 16p, freely distributed online and in paper
pdf here
Watermark me 2 cover

Watermark Me Free (Part II): a woman’s life, bodies, relationships

(PageHalfFull, 2003), 8½x5½, 16p, freely distributed online and in paper
pdf here

Pearl Also Appears in

Ditch Cover

ditch, anthology 4 (canadian) (innovative poets) Maxine Gadd, Kane X. Faucher, Chris Turnbull, Jeff Casselman, Amy Dennis, Michael Woods, J. Mae Barizo, Robert Chrysler, Christine McNair, David Fujino, Liz Worth, M. Jay Smith, Greg Evason, Ingrid Ruthig, MAC Farrant, Chris Hutchinson, Susie DeCoste, Kemeny Babineau, Pearl Pirie, patti sinclair, Robert Swereda, Sandra Huber, Eric Schmaltz and Amanda Earl   Read online

Book Cover

Duets: rengay by the members of KaDo Ottawa

Margot Gallant, Mike Montreuil, Grant Savage, Melanie Noll, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Pearl Pirie, Terry Ann Carter, Sheila M Ross and Philomene Kocher (Bondi Studios, 2010)
Sold out
Book Cover

Pent Up

Another collection of the Ampers&s: Marcus McCann, Sandra Ridley, Roland Prevost, Amanda Earl, Pearl Pirie (AngelHouse, 2009) $5
Order Online
Book Cover


Amanda Earl, rob mclennan, Christine McNair, Max Middle, and Pearl Pirie (above/ground press, 2008)
Query for a Copy
Book Cover

Whack of Clouds

Amanda Earl, Nicholas Lea, Marcus McCann, Pearl Pirie and Roland Prevost (AngelHouse, 2008)
Sold out
Book Cover

Collected Iron Works

Emily Falvey, Pearl Pirie, Wendy Brandts, Roland Prevost, Gwendolyn Guth, Janice Tokar, J.Y. Jancar, Jean Van Loon, Mike Buckthought, Monique Desnoyers, Amanda Earl, Lynne Alsford, Robin Macdonald, T. Woods, Jorge Barrera (Rideau Review Press, 2007) Out of Print

Book Cover

Moments, Not Monuments: Remembering John Newlove

Steve Artelle, Aidan Baker, Gary Hyland, rob mclennan, Colin Morton, Pearl Pirie, J.C. Sulzenko, Gordon Phinn and Rob Thomas. And poems reprinted from John Newlove's Moving In Alone and Apology for Absence. (A Bywords Publication, 2003) $5  Order Online







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