Books to Review

You can buy my previous book Thirsts at the shiny new updated Invisible Books site or from me directly. If you’d like a review copy, email me.
I’ll probably bring some of them and phafours things to the Ottawa small press fair in June along with the last few things, If, and Our Hircine, Murine Doppelgängers, Mars and the above/ground chapbook that would be out before then. And maybe something else new. We’ll see.
If you have something I might want to read, and that means poetry only contact me with what it’s about, or send it on spec to the station.
c/o Pearl Pirie, Literary Landscape
Room 517 University Centre
Carleton University,
Ottawa ON K1S 5B6
Sight unseen I can’t guarantee anything, let alone anything timely.
If you want another eye on a manuscript underway, $50 for a consultation, and an hourly rate after for edits/comments/feedback.
pagehalffull [at]

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