Most if not all can be bought directly from me.

Latest chapbooks:  Not Quite Dawn (Éditions des petits nuages, March, 2020). The epistle haibun chapbook, Water loves its bridges comes out in Dec 2020 from The Alfred Gustav Press by subscription.

Recent: Eldon, letters (above/ground, 2019), Call Down the Walls (Frog Hollow, 2019), Broken Fractal Fractions (no press, 2018), rob plunder gift (BattleAxe, 2018),  Sex in Sevens (above/ground, Sept, 2016), An Ongoing Lack of Spontaneous Combustion (words(on)pages, April, 2016), Reviews of Non-existent Titles (Shreeking Violet Press, 2015),  Please Don’t Tickle the Salamander’s Belly (In/Words, 2015), Writing Sparks (phafours, 2015), vertigoheel for the dilly and today’s woods (above/ground, 2014).