Most if not all can be bought directly from me.

Latest chapbooks: Mudflaps for short dogs, (Trainwreck Press, July 2021) is surreal, machine and concrete poetry.  Not Quite Dawn (Éditions des petits nuages, March, 2020) collects up haiku, tanka and senryu. The epistle haibun chapbook, Water loves its bridges comes out in Dec 2020 from The Alfred Gustav Press by subscription.

Recent: Eldon, letters (above/ground, 2019) is a haibun, Call Down the Walls (Frog Hollow, 2019) are collected disability poems, Broken Fractal Fractions (no press, 2018) are minimalist word chain experiments, rob plunder gift (BattleAxe, 2018) is an erasure of 25 years of poems of rob mclennan,  Sex in Sevens (above/ground, Sept, 2016) is sex every few years, An Ongoing Lack of Spontaneous Combustion (words(on)pages, April, 2016) is surreal, Reviews of Non-existent Titles (Shreeking Violet Press, 2015) is satire,  Please Don’t Tickle the Salamander’s Belly (In/Words, 2015) is surreal, Writing Sparks (phafours, 2015) are writing prompts, vertigoheel for the dilly is a long poem in broken Stilt-Jack ghazals and today’s woods (above/ground, 2014) is a retelling of Goldilocks.