I am book-centric. Most of my life goes towards buying books, reading books, writing books, selling books, mailing books, editing books, writing grants for writing books.

I am currently editing 2 books. I hope to finish them and another I have conceived. And to finish 2 poetry collections next year, then I will be clear of all the past and living fully present, right?

Three chapbooks are out for consideration and two full-length collections. By November I should have heard something back about those and the two grants I applied for.

I just mailed 3 chapbooks which were bought and three more are pending.

I am also updating my website.

I am now a member of Haiku Canada, Tanka Canada, the Quebec Writers Federation, the League of Canadian Poets and The Writers Union of Canada.

If committees were riches, I would ride jets. Although for $4 we can buy 5 kiwis direct from New Zealand, a sort of luxury that even Roman emperors would have had before this time of ubiquitous global trade. Except in food deserts we are all kings.

And I’ve got a chapbook coming next month. You can see it here marked coming soon.