New chapbook: Water Loves its Bridges

I got my advanced author’s copies of Water Loves Its Bridges from The Alfred Gustav Press. It’s in good company with Al Rempel, Connie T Braun and Tom Wayman. You had your chance. It’s too late to subscribe for December, but you can for whoever’s out next July. I have almost dozen author copies left […]


The book launch was recorded and is on playback at FB. The footlights launch is on youtube too. Thank you for all your love and enthusiasm and cheering! Thanks to David O’Meara and his questions that made me felt heard and seen. Thanks to Radiant for the organizing, promoting and editing of the launch. Thanks […]

Author Copies Received!

Radiant sure knows how to make an author feel special with a presentation box, kind words and card. This was Oct 14th but I forgot about you who are not on Facebook where I shared them. I have a few copies. Order from your local, or the press or me. I’ll have to work out […]

footlights coming

Pearl Pirie’s 4th poetry collection, footlights, is “ lyric grief-work, and joy-work, loss, resilience and finding small beauties”. It releases in October 2020. Preorder to receive it first! Show me you and your copy and I’ll send you book swag: footlights: the colouring book. Ask your local library for copies. Give it for all the seasonal holidays! Review it and […]