95books: List 25: Family in Poetry 207-216

207. Aethel by Donato Mancini (New Star Books, 2007) Got and did not read right off. Tendonitis Androgenous uses a sign language (ASL?) as starting point for textual manipulation. Some such as as the tangle called “What are you reading” or “We Come in Peace” (below) are humourous. Aethel looked like two parallel text, titles […]

95books: List 24: Mongooses, Labour and Other Poetry, 196-206

Some reading that is more of a stretch for me past my usual comfort zone… 196 Our Times: Canada’s Independent Labour Magazine (Fall, 2015) I have probably read this magazine a couple times before and each time I wonder why I don’t subscribe then it slips out of mind again. The Our Times Tally is […]

95books: List 23: Wonder and Anger and Typography, 186-195

186. phases of the harpsichord moon by Gary Barwin (Angelhouse, 20115) A pretty neat object, beautifully made and the story of preface and postscript interesting as well. This was a re-release of what was Barwin’s first chapbook of Serif of Nottingham Press, that which started so much in motion of his creativity, and his movement […]

95books: List 22: Joyce, Choice, Death and Depth of Story 176-185

By chance many of the works on the billet at the moment circle around the ideas of boundaries of identity, of country, of living and dead. What is the individual to the nation? What is the collective to the individual? 176. Introducing William Pittman Lett: Ottawa’s First City Clerk and Bard 1819-1892 by Bryan D. […]