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26. Moving Meditation, edited by Lynne Jambor (2021) is an elegant little book graphically, with a layout that suits the content of haiku and senryu about tai chi and chi gong. (Contributor copy.) 27. Liberated Minds: A Close looks at Rastafari beliefs and customs (A Kirk Cornelius Book, 2017) was something I picked up at […]

Novel reads

More read recently. Or more accurately, finished lately. 13. Architects of Memory by Karen Osbourne (Tor/Macmillan, 2020) I gave a slog of a go to a few months ago and it didn’t click. Returning it was a quick read. It’s complex with many players in a world where there are freeborn and indentured and the […]


How about that. It seems something like a longer poem has started to form. I’d almost forgotten the sensation. But I sat and the world and its clocks fell away and I have a draft. I’ve been feeling the occasional haiku, aided by reading many. They are concrete and present and that focus helps me […]