The year has ended. We can now officially say hindsight is 2020. After being in a headlong tumble-scramble from August onwards, I had a few days to sit after Christmas and move the bookmarks. I read 128 books and chapbooks over the year, 21 chapbooks and 50 novels among them. 59% were by females, 35% […]

Currently reading

Currently stacked to read in one room. I get a mouthful of words every few days. Top to bottom: David Groulx, Ross Gay, Natalie Hanna, Pearl Pirie, Paul Perry, Rose Maloukis, Dane Swan (editor), Mary Jean Chan, Jamie Sharpe, Greg Santos, Gil McElroy, Susan Atkinson, Andrew Vaisius, Carla Harris, Roxanna Bennett, Donna Kane, Paul Vermeersch […]