Tweaking Sense

Hugh Thomas did a Factory reading of his translations, mentioning Clint Burnham’s sonnet book, reminding of Franzlations (by Gary Barwin, Craig Conley, and Hugh Thomas from a few years ago as well. I’m on a translation kick. Here’s one spun Marvin Bell’s Earplugs at Cordite Poetry Review from homophonic translation and subjected to other mechanical […]

Poem draft

The last century has stepped up to the one-star dumpster Hezbollah people came out to the Hudson. the pines congratulate you for this, another successfully repeated summer, and add crickets to your account. desire rolls for you, rages as the dead do under a synchronized swim of crocodiles. they have lost their bubble tethers. we […]

Silly Hour

public speaking tips the article’s title flipped a bird’s rubber neck, rubber chicken gander: talk like a real man: take out the um. so, set aside veracity of masculinity the hesitation that means not alpha the conflation of alpha with male and with it, valid and authentic. just do it. tomorrow. t’orrow, toro, toro turn […]