Word Tools

You already know about Reverse Dictionary which is a kind of an online thesaurus and RhymeZone but did you notice Rhyme Zone now has not just perfect rhymes, near rhymes, similar sounding words but in the same drop down “find word in poetry excerpts“. I’m pretty sure that’s new. Also new is an oulipo of […]

On the radar

For those who don’t follow me at twitter or who get swamped in the deluge that is twitter, here’s some poetry things I found interesting lately, A comic guy made a guide for setting up a book table! Great for any small press fair. Buy a Versefest festival pass by March 23 and be in […]

Poetry Link Roundup

Dionne Brand on the bus. In Poetry in Transit. Did you see the photos from the BookThug 10th aniversary party? Kolewe’s photos John Ashbery in interview at the Paris Review said, “One can accept a Picasso woman with two noses, but an equivalent attempt in poetry baffles the same audience.” You saw that Frances Boyle […]

News Roundups

Tonight on Literary Landscape: Rory McIvor, a 3rd year student from the University of Edinburgh, will be talking about Robbie Burns. It’s Robbie Burns Day on the 25th. McIvor’s studying History and Politics at Carleton as part of the International Exchange Programme. Originally from Northern Ireland, McIvor has developed an understanding and appreciation of Scottish […]

Well Dones

Here’s a poem from Ken Howe’s A.M. Klein Award-winning book The Civic-Mindedness of Trees: Sonja on the Beach. And that, folks, is how to use repetition. This sculpture by Hurwitz is like making a poem; distort the words so the curvature of the reader can form the right shape. The launch schedule for Toronto, Montreal […]