I am hoping to get an editing course running in mid-April. Details to come. March has been filled with doing editing. I am super-close on getting 2 poetry manuscripts out the door, one started 5 years ago, one started 14 years ago. I’m going through notes of a test reader this morning, re-spell-checking because I […]


Or #AmWriting as we say on twitter. Looking at the previous post: “I feel I am finally writing again.” That I sez, before going silent for 5 weeks. But I have been writing and editing like mad, trying to slap into shape 4 manuscripts. 2 I won’t finish this year. 2 I hope to finish […]


I feel I am finally writing again. The sensation of poeming is more subtle, gentle and words come in slow measure but it is writing.

Not Musing

I have written a few poems, a handful, since fall. Mostly I am in the body, or reading. When the muse doesn’t bite like a swarm of deerflies, I’m content. I know I’m in a natural state, brought on by pill brain chemicals that keep me level and not strung to a squeak anxious. I […]

Haiku and How to Read

It’s curious going through a thick pad of haiku in journals and without reading the names, 2 poems called out to me by people I was already fond of. The individuality comes out in so few syllables, and the perspective on the world that clicks is still there, even remotely.¬†Interesting. Poetry matters more when you […]