Format & Content

A themed collection where the thesis is restated for 80 pages. A collection of poems I done writ since the last book-thing. A narrative arc story as a poetry collection. A series of poems that add up to something. How? Why is this poem here with these other poems and not in another book? As […]

Routes to the Public

Some never publish books. Some never submit to magazines. Magazines can be trailers for books. I seem to have 3 routes for sending out poetry to the world: Magazines, Chapbooks and Books. In theory poems are gathered and sent to magazines. Those that land successfully are gathered into chapbooks. Chapbooks that land well are collated […]

Behind the scenes

What we start with and what we choose has an impact on what we end up with but there’s a lot of manoeuvring room in between. In Toward a Blacker Ardour (Beautiful Outlaw, 2021) Phil Hall said, “I perk up as if revision were my only remaining trusted evidence of a future.” Conceiving of a […]

Poetics Statement

poetics statement 2021 What am I trying to do? What am I trying to avoid? What do I value?  what do I want to write? why? what matters? what do I want to read? Is it still process not product? Whereas before I wanted to break systems of thought, habits and associations and what passed […]