Some of the questions I was posed for the Girl Guides included these: Do you have poems about dragons? Not yet. But magic yes, and poems that play in imagination. I read from a pet radish, shrunken (Book*hug, 2015). What inspires you to make a poem? Sometimes when you have no one you can talk […]


Or #AmWriting as we say on twitter. Looking at the previous post: “I feel I am finally writing again.” That I sez, before going silent for 5 weeks. But I have been writing and editing like mad, trying to slap into shape 4 manuscripts. 2 I won’t finish this year. 2 I hope to finish […]

poetry is

I have said for years I like poetry but what I mean by that is observations from a curious, alert, agile mind, with an eye for compression. The mind that is self-critical and with a sense of humour. It could be other forms. A nimble, generousĀ conversationalist, an astute playful piece of sculpture, ink-stamped marks or […]

Inner flame

Why do we do what we do? Why eschew one part? Write but not edit, or edit but not publish or publish but not promote, or promote but not edit, write but not think, socialize but not write, read but not submit? It all is part of the process. “The promotion side is not contrary […]

Explaining Poetry

Intro patter that is backstory not visible in the poem is one thing. Where you give away ending of the poem in the introduction thus undermining the effect is another. Here’s a third way prefaces to poems can harm the effectiveness of the reading: Some months ago a poet explained an lexicon of terms, not […]

Haiku World Forms

I made an infographic map of haiku and related forms. Some influenced haiku or were influenced by, some derived from, some share a common ancestor of ancient Chinese court poetry. It’s a projection map where haiku is large and central because it is a map of haiku. If tanka were the centre or concrete poetry […]