Poems at Play

What is the unit of composition? The line? The phrase? The sentence? The argument? The image? Life-wide? Sound? Form? Metaphor? Rhythmical unit? When I look at how I think poetically, or generally, there’s a lot of constraint, but also a pattern of deconstructing and reconstructing strategies. I like to take words apart, dissect ideas. What […]

What Writers Say

Eric Folsom is the Poet Laureate of Kingston. On finding your way to a new poem he advises, “To start, you want to look for a poem-shaped hole.  Choosing a subject, looking for inspiration, doing piles of research, that’s all well and good.  But what you aim for is the poem and the poem is […]

It's a Dusie

At Dusie the Tuesday Poem #88 is my poem entitled: neither evil nor saved, I sidestepped it all at the second coming. Perhaps for curiosity seekers, to see the previous step before would be interesting. It is a homophonic translation of this: Plantée devant la grille, je tends mes mains moites vers le corbeau de […]

Poet's Journey

What are the parts of being a poet? Not every person has the whole skill set. It’s why cooperation is good. Some have an eye for this, others for that. Off the top of my head, here are some aspects. Some may be true, who knows. [composition] having an idea or sound or rhythm and […]