Michael Dennis

You probably know Today’s Book of Poetry where Michael Dennis reviewed hundreds of poetry collection. I can’t imagine how many thousands he received. He would only review those he was sent, and things were sent from all over North America for his generous review. The process opened him up. He was so chuffed about all […]

Available for Review

Reader Aware: More readers, buyers and reviews welcome. They say it takes 7 or 8 presentations of the same book before one latches on that a book exists and checks it out. I have copies for review or purchase of Not Quite Dawn (haiku and tanka by me), Crossing a Grave in Harmonium by David […]

footlights Review

Kim Fahner was so kind as to review footlights at Periodicities on Jan 3. She says in part, “In “lifting for the purposes of night,” six beautiful couplets carve out vivid images and phrases:                     the moon’s face is both up                    and downwards.                      in incandescence a                    glossy-leafed houseplant                      feels how the bottom                    of an airplane wing                      lifts, night sky […]

New reviews

Kees Kapteyn‘s review of footlights calls it powerful and luminous, and he comments, Everything literary runs on metaphors, acting as a lubricant for us to move through our lives. Pearl has a sort of sixth sense when it comes to seeing these devices, as if she sees a dimension few people can see. A penny […]


The book launch was recorded and is on playback at FB. The footlights launch is on youtube too. Thank you for all your love and enthusiasm and cheering! Thanks to David O’Meara and his questions that made me felt heard and seen. Thanks to Radiant for the organizing, promoting and editing of the launch. Thanks […]