Framework: Words on the land 2016

Reading and Conversation with 10 Writers at Fieldwork. Featuring: Natale Ghent, Katherine Graham, John K. Grande, Helen Humphreys, Jonathan Kaplansky, Monty Reid, Sandra Ridley, John Steffler, Alissa York and Pearl Pirie. August 21st. 3-5 PM. 2501 Old Brooke Rd. (The barn across the road from Fieldwork). Watching the Art installations in the fields, the field […]

Fw: VERSeFest Hall of Honour Inductees Announced

Ottawa, ON – Mar. 18, 2016 –  VERSeFest, Ottawa’s International Poetry Festival, is pleased to announce this year’s inductees to the Hall of Honour, rob mclennan and Andrée Lacelle, for outstanding service to the Ottawa-Gatineau poetry community. mclennan and Lacelle will be inducted into the Hall of Honour 7:00 P.M., Sunday, March 20th. The ceremony […]


Centretown Buzz has VERSeFest coverage. The site and schedule is up and advance passes are for sale. 60+ poets for $50. Can’t even get gum for that rate and you don’t take the gum home either. March 15-20th. Coming up fast. Some of the poets from in, across and out of Canada: David McGimpsey, Marilyn Dumont, […]

PSA: Reading Series Communication: What and When

I do post of tips occasionally, for example, a poetry rubric (2008), prompts (2009) Getting around Writer’s Block (2009), Tips on Giving Readings (2013), Author Photo Do and Don’ts (2013), and Taming the Uncontrollable Open Mic (2014). I’ve offered Templates for use in making chapbooks and broadsheets. Last year I did an Overview of Ottawa’s Literary and Book Scene (2015). […]