Poetry Classes Registering now

New courses from Studio Nouveau are coming this month. Starting January 18, Run asynchronously. Hosted at Moodle. Discussion forum, thinking pieces, prompts, feedback and more. Lubing the Muse: Generating Poems & Fresh Edits8 weeks. Make at least 20 poems in 2 months. $200. PWYC slots available. Includes:Build with What You Know: Scaffolding on other poems, […]


The VF site is live! The festival runs online Nov 6-22. The closing event for the 10th anniversary edition will host 5 minute readings from a few of the organizers: Chuquiao Yang, Éric Charlebois, Shery Alexander Heinis, Vivian Vavassis, David O’Meara, Michel Therien, rob mclennan, Susan Atkinson and myself. See the Oct 22 schedule here.

Written vs Spoken

Can I peg a poet as written or spoken from a headshot? The performance with body on stage poet is more apt to get studio lighting, performance capture with expressive face and microphone. There’s more dynamic angles. The written poet disproportionally is outside, with grass, trees. Written poets are more likely to conceal their face […]