Anti-phobe day & poetics

It’s Anti-Hobit day. Anti-homophobia, Anti-Bi and Anti-Trans. Be aware of bias. When you write, you write from l your place and personhood. Class or processing past places or examining where you are. It may be inner place, the over-caffeinated jumpiness of anxiety or the centred calm that shapes syntax and what accumulates. The present leaks […]

Online reading Coming soon

Pictured in the before-times, Ilse Turnsen & I at a Woman’s Day reading. Soon Ilse will host the inaugural of the Heart of The Library Reading Series, Wakefield. I’m chuffed to be the guest reader for a digital reading of footlights and a Q&A at the series launch, as a part of the 100-Mile-Artist Network. […]

Are you an Artistic Director?

Apply for Artistic Director or Director of Versefest. Want a hand in choosing who we bring in? Want to manage poets? Paid position! We’re hiring! Are you creative? Detail-oriented (seriously)? Hardworking? Amicable? Can you dream big and deliver bigger? If you’re interested in joining our stellar team at VERSeOttawa as a General Director or Artistic […]

Lesley Strutt

Lesley Strutt died yesterday. That seems absurd and impossible. When she said she’ll be doing cancer treatments for the rest of her life, somehow my brain translated that as ‘good news, leukaemia can now be kept at bay successfully for years.’ When someone fades away, declines and is eager to leave for years, that’s a […]