Round Up

AllLitUp haas posted a Writer’s Block Interview with me today. Check it out. Oh, all the albums of events — A B Series, photos from Authors from Indies Day at Beechwood, photos from Writers Fest, spring 2015, from Tree’s 35th anniversary party readings, from BookThug launches, from old computer of West Fest and writers fest […]


49thShelf, Apt613, Maisonneuve, and now Quill & Quire reviews. Wow. Neat. Some I put at press. The radish is understood as curiosity about ” the deeper meanings we ascribe to words, and by extension, the world”, yay. And other good stuff thanks to Safa JinJe who took the time to read and review it. It’s […]

In the News

Walking for groceries I saw a familiar face. I knew a story was coming but I didn’t know front page. And it was in boxes the afternoon of Wednesday. The paper of March 19th 2015  is thanks to Kitchissippi Times, the story by Anne Boys-Hope and the photos by Kate Settle (who does the Humans of Kitchissippi […]