Upcoming Events Sun, Dec 6, 2015, 7:30pm: Hamilton’s Lit Live Homegrown Hamilton at the Sky Dragon Centre, a pub/café at 27 King William St. Readers: Donna Langevin of The Laundress of Time (Aeolus Press, 2015), Jonathan Ball of John Paisz’s Crime Wave (University of Toronto, 2014), Pearl Pirie of the pet radish, shrunken (BookThug, 2015), […]

What works

How could you like that book? at NY Books Tim Parks says, although various authors are successful and competent, he cannot understand the attraction to some writing and how people commit to so many pages read. I buy a copy, and halfway through I toss it away, literally, at the wall, in intense irritation. How […]


Dang, and doing gender audit afterwards, almost all male. Drat. There are more photos of the day. You may all have seen the Ottawa small press photos I took. It’s all over again until next June. What new presses? What new titles? Which old friends will come again?

Round Up

AllLitUp haas posted a Writer’s Block Interview with me today. Check it out. Oh, all the albums of events — A B Series, photos from Authors from Indies Day at Beechwood, photos from Writers Fest, spring 2015, from Tree’s 35th anniversary party readings, from BookThug launches, from old computer of West Fest and writers fest […]