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I was one of 3 hosts, rotating with Kate Hunt and Robin McLachlen, each showing a slice of Ottawa's LitLand.   Here's a very brief history of the show which Jane Crosier started in 1997 and has since been hosted by a number of Ottawa literary people. Archives of Christine McNair's shows are here. All other shows are archived for a few months here.


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Avonlea Fotheringham and Brad Morden as guests July, 2014.


CKCU FM Literary Landscapes by Pearl Pirie
Photo by Jenn Bradshaw (host with Derek of Crossing Boredom).


That's the Steven Artelle on Literary Landscape episode.


CKCU Literary Landscape

Shery Alexander Heinis, Roland Prevost & Pearl Pirie Oct, 2014. Photo by Janice Tokar.


David Groulx in studio, Dec 2016. 


Interview Stuart Ross on location at Meet the Presses, Toronto, Nov 2014. 
Between Kate Hunt, Liam Burke & Robin McLachlen I was hosting more poets from 2013-2018.
Past Shows:
Feb 15:Talking with poet, Shirley Camia [more on her.
Jan 19th: Conversation with incoming host Liam Burke.
Dec 28th: Round up of best reads of 2017.
Nov 23:  This week:  About Nelson Ball. Two things I'm reading: Ode to Fat by Sharon Olds, from Odes (Penguin, 2016) and Patience by Phyllis Webb from Peacock Blue (Talon 2014). 
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Oct 12:  Daphne Marlatt is reading at the Page Lectures next week.   Two things I'm reading: Imaginary Madrigal 1 from Mycological Studies by Jay Millar (Coach House, 2002) and north by Marilyn Irwin (above/ground, 2016) )
Sept 21:  Chad Norman is on a central Canada tour, landing at Tree in about a month.  Two things I'm reading: Comma by Jennifer Still (BookThug, 2017) and If not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho by Anne Carson  (Vintage, 2002 )
Aug 31: Phil Hall Poet Phil Hall talks about recent and upcoming: An Egregore (Apt 9 Press), Notes on Assemblage (JackPine Press), An Interview with Elisa Sampedrin (Beautiful Outlaw Press) and the Page Lecture Series in October. Two things I'm reading: Come Out by Jane Byers in Acquired Community (Caitlin Press, 2016) and The Floor is Lava by Greg Zorko in Ghost in the Club (Metranon, 2016)
Aug 10: R.J. Harlick Novelist R.J. Harlick talks about her crime series, A Meg Harris Mystery which is going to book 8 this fall. Two things I'm reading: What I Did Today by Debjani Chatterjee in Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back and Crocus by Paddy Scott in
June 20: Barbara Sibbald Novelist and journalist Barbara Sibbald returns to Literary Landscape after 10 years. Catch up with her Museum of Possibilities. Two things I'm reading: Candescent by Sonia Saikaley in A Samurai's Pink House (Inana, 2017) and i by Svetlana Lilova in Metaphyical Dictionary (Dumagrad, 2016)
June 29: Robert Clark: Robert Clark wrote Down Inside: Thirty Years in Canada’s Prison Service (Goose Lane Editions, 2017) which is a memoir as a warden in Kingston Penn among other places. . Two things I'm reading Rapid Transit in Charms against Lightning by James Arthur (Copper Canyon, 2012) and What There Is by Kenneth Patchen in Selected Poems (New Directions, 1957).
June 8: 30 Under 30 a.m. kozak, a host of Small Machine Talks, as well as being a playwright, also edited the in/words 30 under 30 Anthology. He's live in studio. Two things I'm reading: These Things I know by Cara-Lyn Morgan in What Became my Grieving Ceremony (Thistledown, 2014) and Purple by Barry Dempster in Fiddlehead, spring 2017
May 25: Haiku Canada Conference Samples from various books boughtat Haiku Canada, snippets of interviews with participants, Elizabeth from the Yukon and Marco Fraticelli, and recordings from Phil Kocher and Rick Schnell.Also a sample of the June 4th concert of Aella. Two things I'm reading: A curriculum of Tea by Wendy Donawa in Thin Air of the Knowable (Brick Books, 2017) and Praise Poem for Today by JP Howard from Say/Mirror (Operating System, 2016)
April 27: Aisha Sash John: Aisha Sasha John is at Plan 99 which will offer poetry at 5 pm at the Manx Pub (370 Elgin St). Saturday, April 29th: Plan 99 Poetry with Kevin Connolly, Aisha Sasha John and Cassidy McFadzean. Also in the show Quote from: Irreconcilable Anti-Blackness and Police Violence w Dr. Frank Wilderson, OCTOBER 1, 2014 IMIXWHATILIKE! AZANIA, BROADCASTS, IMWIL! Two things I'm reading Ignite by Kevin Spenst and 30 Under 30 with Emily Chou.
Apr 6: Jennifer Baker:  Rhombus 19: Poetry-in-Performance Ensemble performed this week classic sound poetry and new compositions with Jennifer Baker, Kamal Kaur, Jade Gutzmore, Brenner Holash, Natalie Leduc, Tim Mayhead, Ryan Pepper, Genevieve Reynolds, Izzie Solis-Lozano, Robert Stacey, Gaye Taylor, Andrew Taylor, and Benjamin Toner
 2TIR: "Manly" Obscenities or "Feminine" Hyperbole? by Jamie Sharpe in Dazzle Ships – Poems (ECW, 2017) and The Middle by Lisa Robertson in 3 Summers (Coach House, 2016)

Mar 16: Brandon Wint, in from Edmonton to perform at VERSeFest talks about love and composition.
2TIR: Ed Yong's I Contain Multitudes (HarperCollins, 2016) and from Stephen Collis - First Sketch of a Poem I will Not have Written (above/ground, 2017)
Mar 2: Guy Simser.
2TIR: The Car is an Iceberg by Amanda Earl (Canthius, 2017) and It's All About the Blue Vervain by Alyssa Whiting in Martin Lake Poetry Workshop, Selected Poems (Hucklenut Press, 2017)
2TIR: Portrait of a Room by David Blaikie from In that old city by the sea (éditions des petites nuages, 2017) and an excerpt of a room of Sarah macDonell from The Lithium Body (in/words, 2017)
Jan 12: Michael Mirolla of Guernica editions in my 65th episode. Later in the season, Faisal Dean, Guy Simser, Susan McMaster, Brandon Wint and Terry Ann Carter.
Each of my episodes closes with a couple minute segment of  Two Things I'm Reading (2TIR) to pack more poety into the half hour.
Jan 12: Michael Mirolla of Guernica who is reading at Sawdust Jan 18.
2TIR: 4 things this time: Michael Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (Anansi, 1970) Cheese Cakes by Grant Savage in Butterfly Dreams: Selected Lyrics (editions des petites nuages, 2016), excerpt from Sandra Ridley's Silvija (BookThug, 2016) and What I want by Gwen Benaway in Passage (Kendonce, 2016)
2TIR: The Preoccupied Cafe by Hannah Scott-Talib (The Long and the Short of It, 2016) and Stimulating, Rogues by rob mclennan in A Perimeter (A New Star, 2016)
Dec 1:  David Groulx, the author of 10 books of poetry since 1997. The Wabigoon River Poems, These Threads Become a Thinner Light and The Windigo Chronicles are most recent.
2TIR: Lillian Necakov's Ask (Puddles of Sky, 2016) and Pete Gibbon's Conditionals (Bird, Buried Press, 2016)
Nov 10: Vera Wabegijig, local author
2TIR:  July 29, 2010 by Catherine Owen in Designated Mourner, ECW, 2014 and 84J 9 8 78 by Monty Reid in Crawlspace, Anansi Canadian
Oct 20: Writers Fest Paranormal: Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler on Wrist, a horror story and Kelley Armstrong, author of paranormal and mystery before their Oct 21 appearances at writers fest
2TIR:  If I were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You by Adele Barclay (Nightwood, 2016)

Digsite by Owain Nicholson (Nightwood, 2016)

Sept 29 : excerpts from Notes from the Underground —a summer podcast, on CJSW 90.9 FM, Calgary, with formerly local writer Laurie Fuhr and host Victoria Stanford , excerpts from Monty Reid and myself at Fieldwork/Framework.
2TIR: Untitled in Candid by Chris Turnbull (2016) and excerpt from  Cinema of the Present by  Lisa Robertson  (Coach House, 2014)


Sept 8: my big 6-0 episode with Jessica Moore's  Mend the Living, Jessica’s translation of the moving and unusual story of a heart transplant by French author Maylis de Kerangal, was nominated for the 2016 Man Booker. Her earlier book Everything, Now  (Brick) said: "the body is not a closed thing,/not a shell but a room with windows,/simple vines gathering at the sill"  
2TIR: Sitting on a High Bank over the South Saskachewan River in Leaving Holds Me Here: Selected Poems by Glen Sorestad (Thistledown, 2001) and Postscript  in   Lean Days  by Steve McOrmond (Wolsak & Wynn, 2004) 


Aug 18: Talking with fiction writer, storyteller and journalist  Waubgeshig Rice 
2TIR: Trying not the remember the Woman in the ER in Ceremony of Touching by Karen Shklanka (Coteau, 2016) and Jubilee: Minnie Tate (1857-?) in Olio by Tyehimba Jess (Wave, 2016)


2TIR: Special 4/time of 2:  Stay by Cameron Anstee in Industrial Sabotage #65 (Curved H&Z), The mystery deepens by bpNichol in Returning Two (1972), Richard Truhlar in memorium by Damian Lopes in Touch the Donkey #8  and
untitled by Ruby Spriggs in Switching off the Shadows (King's Road Press, 1996).


July 7:  Jennifer Pederson in conversation about Sawdust and "the bird, philomela", a fund raiser for the rape crisis centre. [which hit #4 in the CKCU charts for the most playbacks in a week.


2TIR: Conversations with Will by RM Vaughan in Ruined Stars  (ECW, 2004) amd Before I Knew by Amanda Besserer in The Desert and the Flood (Horsebroke Press, 2016)


June 16: talking Arc and the small press fair with Monty Reid. You should listen. You should go to it.
2TIR: You Need to do the Laundry by Kim Fu in How Festive the Ambulance (Nightwood, 2016) and I Once Chose to Live Alone by Beverly Cummings in I Take Off My Disguise (The Baton Press, 2016)


May 26: Stuart Ross, author of fiction, essays, poetry editor for hire and at Mansfield Press with his own imprint and leader in the small press, he's on air to talk about his latest breakthru mainstream poetry collection A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent (W&W, 2016). 
2TIR: Naked by Michael Crummey in Salvage (M&S, 2002) and A Sudden Gust by Sheryda Warrener from Everything is Floating (Nightwood, 2015)


May 5: Snippets of Ottawa Lit: Authors for Indies Day & Tree Chapbook Contest: Frances Boyle, Mark Fruktin on Authors for Indies and Doris Fiszer who won the Tree Chapbook contest.
2TIR: My Friend Catherine by Nelson Ball in Chewing Water (Mansfield Press, 2016) and Naked by Philip Miletic in Mother 2 Earth (words(on)pages, 2015)
April 14: Reading at Railroad Reading Series May 1st, Elee Kraljii Gardiner's poems skate around skaters in Serpentine Loop (Anvil, 2016). In 2TIR, Nick Thran is part of Writers Fest this week
2TIR: Nick Thran's Trout in Mayor Snow Nightwood, 2015) and Wang Xiaoni's  The One Holding Peanuts in Something Crosses my Mind (Zephyr Press, 2014) 
Phil Hall, Shannon Maguire, Barâa Araa, Anne Boyer, Ben Ladouceur, Terry Ann Carter, Cathy Petch, André Duhaime, Geneviéve Bouchard, Amal El-Mohtar, and Christian Bök.
2TIR: Herménégilde Chiasson's Beatitudes (Goose Lane, 2007) and  Portrait from Audre Lorde's The Black Unicorn (WW Norton, 1978)
Mar 3: Doyali Islam who is reading at VERSeFest. A conversation about poetry.
2TIR: Gerald Hill’s What Happened from The Man from Saskatchewan (Couteau Books, 2002), from Anne Boyer’s Sewing from Garments Against Women Ahsahta Press, 2015)
Feb 11: Rachel Rose, poet laureate of Vancouver with her book, Marry & Burn, talking about working dogs and poem-making, reading The Introduction (Harbour, 2015)
2TIR: A. Swinburne's Nympholept from  Astrophel and other poems and  Wislawa Szymborska's Midsummer Night's Dream from Map: Collected and Last Poems (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015)
Jan 21: Chris Faiers has been a stalwart of Ontario writing since the 60s. In 1969 he put out 2 haiku chapbooks. In the intervening time he ran the Main Street Library Series in Toronto and Purdyfest out in Purdy country.
2TIR: Mark McCawley's No Vacancy in  Last Minute Instructions  (Unfinished Monument 1989)  and Lynne Kositsky's  Pardess from    PCB Jam  (Unfinished Monument, 1981)
Dec 31: Bringing in the new years with some of the best moments of LitLand from 2015. Some of our favourite bits of the year for my 48th show.
2TIR: Virgil's Bastard Daughters Sing from Debbie: an Epic by Lisa Robertson (New Star Books (1997) and Confusion from Marry & Burn by Rachel Rose (Harbour Publishing, 2015)
A number of Christmaseque poems including Twas the Night before CanLit Christmas, The Spirit of Christmas The 1914 Truce by Cal Williams, Charles Sangster's A Christmas poem and more.
2TIR: Sarah Mangold's The Sad Colossal of Yes from Touch the Donkey, issue 7 and various haiku from A Splash of Water (HNA, 2015)
Dec 17: Ottawa Readings from 2015: Excerpts of Jenna Butler, Albert Dumont, David Groulx, Robin McLachlen, and LM Rochefort.
2TIR: Cocktail by Sneha Madhaven-Reese in Observing the Moon (Hagios, 2015) and Polar Bear Died from Climate Change/At No Interchange by Jamie Sharpe from Cut Up Apologetic (ECW, 2015)
Nov 19: Talking with Kate Braid poet, editor, essayist, teacher, winner of the 2015 Mayor's Award for Vancouver for contributing to cultural life [author site: Kate Braid]
2TIR: When my Brother Was an Aztec from the collecton of the same title by Natalie Diaz (Copper Canyon, 2012) and untitled from Their Biography: an organism of relationships by kevin mcpherson ekhoff (BookThug, 2015)
Thanks for all your donations! LitLand made its funding goal and so did the station overall.
Oct 29th: Kimberley Dawkins of Chrysalis is the guest. Funding drive time! We aim to raise $500 for the show. 
2TIR The Proximity by John Pass from Selected Early Poems (Harbour, 2015) and Saint Monica, Patron Saint of Wives and Abuse Victims, August 27th by Amanda Earl in A Book of Saints (above/ground, 2015).
Oct 8: Chris Johnson, former editor of In/Words, current editor at Arc Poetry Magazine and haibun poet.
2TIR: testimony of a james bay cree by Colin Morton in Printed Matter (Sidereal Press, undated) and Your News Hour is Now Two Hours Long by Karen Solie in The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out (Anansi, 2015)
Sept 17: Cameron Anstee, of Apt 9 Press, editor of William Hawkins Collected (Chaudiere, 2015) and with a new chapbook of minimalist poems out this fall. On air
[This show was #7 most popular for playback that week at the station.]
2TIR: The Red Rose Maiden in Legends of the North Lands by Martha Craig (1910) and excerpt from Walter Camerson: Blacksmith of Fallbrook (Musson, 1979).
Aug 27th: Avonlea Fotheringham  talks about workshopping, when to know what help a poem needs, and about her nascent press, Hussy. [This show was #10 at the station that week for playback. JM's show with Julie Mannel was top 10 too.]
2TIR: Tower Sonnet by Hoa Nguyen in Tells of the Crackling (Ugly Duckling Press, 2015) and It wasn't exactly wisdom by Michael Dennis in On Being a Dodo (burnt wine press, 2009)
Aug 6th: Episode 40: Jim Larwill: "the internet is the ultimate open mic". Jim's website has his chapbooks The Omnigothic Neofuturist anthology, Speak! came out in 1997 from Broken Jaw Press with Jim Larwill, Craig Carpenter, Michelle Desbarats, Sean Johnston, Rocco Paoletti and Malcolm Todd. But we got sidetracked into Lampman, Pauline Johnston and Canadian identity.
2TIR: "Nonna" and ""Now I am married" by  Maria Scala from  Between O and V: poems (Friday Circle, 2008) and ideas by David Collins from  What do you think?(2001)
July 16th:  talking with Rita Wong about her new book undercurrents (Nightwood, 2015), tar sands, the director of Avatar, human capacity for improving our world and poetry.
2TIR: Opportunity is One More Thing to Feel Anxious About by Marcus McCann in Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe (2015) and The Circus Animals' Desertion by Kay Ryan in Strangely Marked Metal (Copper Beech Press, 1985)
July 9th: Literary Landscape turns 18. 3 Writers Share Memories of Jane Crosier: Elizabeth Hay, Brenda Chapman and Barbara Fradkin.
2TIR: Thinking Ahead to Possible Options and a Worse Case Scenario by James Tate (PoemHunters) and July 15th in Alden Nowlan's Selected Poems (2011)
2TIR: David McGimpsey's  I was always told...from Asbestos Heights (Coach House, 2015) and Dionne Brand's To Roseau from Chronicles of the Hostile Sun (Williams-Wallace, 1984)
June 4: Rachel Eugster who has a fringefest play about medieval poet Aemelia Lanyer,  Whose Aemelia ? Also Jessica K Wong who is the stage manager of the production.
2TIR: from Trish Salah’s Ghazals in Fugue in Wanting in Arabic (Tzar, 2002) and from Sina Queyras’ Like a Jet from MxT (Coach House, 2014)
May 14th: David O'Meara who is reading at the next Sawdust May 20 at Pour Boy.
2TIR: Damian Rogers'  In the Back of a Cab from  Paper Radio ( ECW, 2009) and a translation by Jiang Yi of Du Fu's  To Retired Friend Wei from 300 Selected Poems. 
April 16: Clips from Reading Around Town with samples from Sawdust with Mike Caesar, Stephen Brockwell, bits from Cocoa Cabin launch with Steven Artelle and Natalie Hanna and from PoeTrain's Ottawa send off reading, a clip of Max Middle's Sound Poetry.
2TIR: is…fog….is: Algonquin Park Haiku by Grant D. Savage (Éditions de petits nuage, 2014) and Yeats.
His latest book is petals in the dark: 15 renku led and edited by Marshall Hryciuk (Catkind Press, 2015). At 23 years old Marshall decided to do 26 books in 5 streams of books: 6 haiku, 6 experimental, 6 translation and 6 other, 2 of unknown kind. He realized the unknown would be dialogues. 15 are done and published. 3 are done but not published and 7 more are started.
2TIR: Flyers by Tomas Transtromer, trans by Don Coles from For the Living and the Dead (Buschek, 1996) and dear muse by Dennis Cooley from Abecedarium  (University of Alberta Press,  2014)
Mar 12:  a conversation with the energetic Eric Charlebois on his pun-filled and phrase-coining writing and creative writing programs in prisons. He's one of the featured guests at VERSeFest with his 8th book. Also in the half hour a few words on Versefest and the Poet Laureate program from Rod Pederson.
2TIR: from the process from Surfaces of Sense by Nicole Brossard (Couch House, 1980) and from Ana Historic by Daphne Marlatt (Couch House, 1988)
Feb 19: With Brecken Hancock of Broom Broom, (Coach House, 2014), the feature at the next AB Series along with Fred Wah on Feb 27 at Raw Sugar. We'll be talking about confession, memoir and the role of editing in making poetry. 
2TIR: Song of the Exile by Francois Hertel as translated by John Glassco in The Poetry of French Canada (Oxford, 1970) and The Sixth Page from Songs of the Colon by Eileen Tabios (Ahadada Books)
Vavassis is a Montréal ex-pat who currently lives in Ottawa and calls both cities home. Her poems and essays have appeared in Arc, ottawater, Peter F. Yacht Club, Montage, A Crystal Through Which Love Passes: Glosas for P.K. Page, Phafours Press publications, and Studies in Canadian Literature, among others. Once upon a time, she co-founded and ran a little ‘zine called incunabula. Her work has been shortlisted for the Diana Brebner Prize and featured as part of the Parliamentary Poet Laureate’s Poem of the Month Program (Canada). She also has a chapbook forthcoming with Textualis Press and will be reading on Feb. 7, 2015 at the Factory Reading Series.
Catherine Brunet is a high school teacher in the Ottawa Valley. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in Arc, Prairie Fire, Grain, The Literary Review of Canada, The New Quarterly, The Dalhousie Review, Queen's Quarterly, Vallum and other Canadian literary journals. She lives with an engineer and an elderly bulldog.
2TIR: Texture, Louisiana, by rob mclennan (above/ground, 2015) and Passage by Joseph Massey in To Keep Time (Omnidawn, 2014)
Jan 8: with Tracie Morris who will kick of 2015 with the AB Series on January 15th and Kemeny Babineau, who on Jan 9th (along with Jason Christie) kick off the new year with Factory Series.
2TIR: Something of a theme this time binding the two of trees and water: Gerald Manley Hopkins’s Selected, Binsey Poplars and from The Best Canadian Poetry 2014, an excerpt from Sue Goyette’s On Losing Their Father.
Dec 18, Talking with Mia Morgan. “Mia is a voracious reader and writer, and is currently completing her degree in English Literature and Philosophy. She's got a place in her heart for Modern poetry, small press, and fancy sandwiches. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Ottawa Arts Review, and former host of the Blue Mondays reading series. Now, she is hoping to continue her dedication to Ottawa's poetry community while working on her poetry. Her piece “Suburbia” is forthcoming from In/Words press.”
2TIR: Behind the Avant Garde from O My God of Apes and Apples by Paul Mackan (Publish America, 2011) and The Conversation Below from Cloudy with a Fire In the Basement by Ronna Bloom (Pedlar, 2012)
Dec 6: Talking With Frances Boyle, one of 3 features at Railroad Reading Series tonight along with Murray Citron and Ellen Jaffe. She launches Light Carved Passages (Buschek, 2014)
2TIR: Sarah Tolmie's sonnet 22 from Sonnet in a Blue Dress (baseline press, 2014) and Cameron Conaway's Offer  from Malaria Poems  (Michigan State, 2014)
Nov 27: sounds from Meet the Presses and The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2014 launch. Including Jess Taylor of Meet the Presses, Heidi Waechtler of Coach House, David McNamara of Sunnyoutside, Gary Barwin of Serif of Nottingham, Nicole William and Brewer Kemp of Words (on) Pages, Nick Power of Gesture Press, Stuart Ross of Mansfield Press, Maureen Hynes from Pedlar and sounds from the Best of Canadian Poetry Launch with Molly Peacock, Sonnet L'Abbé, and poem bits from Nick Thran and Moez Surani.
2TIR: Sarah Burgoyne's it was not in parks that I learned humility in Love the Sacred Raisin Cakes (baseline press, 2014) and Jan Conn's Battered Civilization in The Best Canadian Poetry 2014  (Tightrope, 2014)
Nov 6: with Monty Reid, poet with over a dozen trade collections since the 1970s, Ottawa snagged him from the prairies. Working with Arc, Versefest and on his latest books, Garden (Chaudiere Books, 2014) and Host, forthcoming.
2TIR: Kenneth Patchen's & So the Little Field Mouse Said in Hallelujah Anyway (New Directions, 1960) and Sue Goyette's Eight in Ocean (Gaspereau, 2013)
Oct 16Shery Alexander Heinis and Roland Prevost  two upcoming Ottawa poets, one with a first chapbook and one with a first poetry book. Shery Alexander Heinis was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia. A Greater Whole is her first chapbook. Roland Prevost four chapbooks and his book Singular Plurals (Chaudiere). He was managing editor of, and founding managing editor of seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics. He lives and writes in Ottawa.
2TIR : Gil McElroy's JD2456634 from Touch the Donkey 3 and Rachael Simpson's Wild Tansy from Five (Apt 9, 2014).
Sept 25th: with Wanda Praamsma about her new BookThug title, a thin line between and about writing a long poem where she talks about rooting the external in the internal.
2TIR:  The Scattered Congregation by Tomas Tranströmer from Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry by B. Eugene McCarthy and Fran Quinn (Hobblebush, 2013) and Responsibility for Shoes by Erin Mouré from The Green Word (Oxford, 1994). A bonus track of Nod to Bob (for Bob Cobbing) by Paul Dutton off his CD Mouth Pieces (OHM éditions, 2000)
Sept 4th: with Helen Guri who is the author of Match, (Coach House, 2011), shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry. She works as a freelance nonfiction editor and advises on poetry acquisitions for Brick Books. We're talking about her new book and crowds theory.
2TIR: Robert Priest's poem The Non-Violent Boxer in Waging Peace ( Penumbra, 2002) Susan Holbrook's As Good as I Get in Touch the Donkey 2. 
Aug 14th: live in studio with Jennifer Pederson about the new Sawdust Series launching this fall at the Pour Boy.
2TIR: Derek Walcott's poem XIII from Midsummer Poems (Noonday, 1981) and Beth Follett's Things that Fit in the Palm from her chapbook, A Thinking Woman Sleeps with Monsters (Apt 9, 2014).
July 24: with new Ottawa poet talent Margo LaPierre about negative space in poetry, editing, fragments.
2TIR: Kevin McPherson Eckhoff's ancestorge from Forge (Snare, 2013) & Nicholas Power's untitled from Melancholy Scientist, (Tekseditions, 2014)
July 3rd: with Avonlea Fotheringham and Brad Morden. (Sample poems of Avonlea are on Soundcloud.) She is the feature at this week's Capital Slam, July 5th at the Mercury Lounge. $8 cover.
Also Brad Morden who is hosting an event with Buddy Wakefield, OpenSecret & Philosi-Fire on July 11th.  [Details.] 
  2TIR : Archibald Lampman's Knowledge from  Lampman's Sonnets (Borealis Press, 1976) and Martha Solano's  After Reading there Might be an Infinite Number of Dimensions from  The Little Office of Immaculate Conception (Saturnalia, 2011)
June 12th: Michael e. Casteels & Sarah Pinder about composition, publishing, paintings and accessibility in literary events.
2TIR: Diane Tucker,  Love Basilique Notre Dame, Ottawa from Bonsai Love (Harbour, 2014) and Peg Bresnahan's  At the Mane Attraction at Brevard from  In a Country None of Us Called Home (Press 63, 2014)

May 22: with John Pass on his books Stumbling in the Bloom & crawlspace (Harbour), on chiropractors and geography in poetry
2TIR: Aisha Sasha John The Moment When You Understand from Thou (BookThug) & My Mind is My Grandchild from Jane Munro from Blue Sonoma (Brick).
May 1st: with Philomene Kocher & Stanford Forrester about their work, what haiku is and does in the community, about bottle rockets and Haiku Canada Weekend.
2TIR: Lee Ann Brown's Sarvis from In the Laurels, Caught & Robert Earl Stewart's Praying Mantis Bakesale in Something Burned Along the Southern Border.
April 10: with Kevin Spenst: Small Press National Tour: radio cutlong cut outtake version.
2TIR: Amy Clampitt's Palm Sunday from Selected Poems (Knoff) & Philomene Kocher's tanka from Singing in the Silo (Catkin Press).
March 20th: with Jenna Tenn-Yuk on Versefest.
2TIR: Nelson Ball's Yikes from Minutiae & excerpt from Czandra's radish ~ a singularity.
Feb 27th: with Souvankham Thammavongsa on her book Light (Pedlar Press).
Feb 20: Danielle K.L. Gregoire talking about Versefest, comedy, Manitoba, Steve Sauvé and more.
Jan 30: Amanda Earl talking about Poetry 5x5 and the new arm of AngelHouse Press, DevilHouse. 


Jan 23: Rory McIvor talking about Robbie Burns Day and reading some classic Burns poems.
Jan 2, 2014Shane Rhodes talks about his book X: Poems & Anti-Poems, his time as poet laureate in Australia & the face of racism towards natives in Canada.


Dec 5, 2013: Marco Fraticelli about his new book, Drifting (Catkin Press, 2013). It is made from excerpts of Celesta's found diaries. Learn the life of a single mom, nanny in love with her boss, in the early 1900s.


Nov 7, 2013: Stephen Brockwell talking  about Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books (Mansfield Press, 2013). It's a book you'll want to own. Also, Kate Hunt and I are on hand with other books to win by donating to CKCU— the draw. Winners are Matthiew Corsier, Chris White and Susan McMaster. One more package to give between Nov 8-10.


Oct 31, 2013 Fest Highlights Funding Drive: co-hosting with Kate Hunt, recounting writers fest highlights, playing an excerpt of David O'Meara, and raising the funding drive. Donate to CKCU with LitLand and win books of poetry!


Oct 10, 2013: with John Buschek Bonus track of what didn't load on air: an Interview with Spencer Gordon


Sept 19, 2013: Tribute to Richard Truhlar: Filling in as host with a look back at Truhlar, poet, artist, writer, musician, member of Owen Sound. His composition, Glass on the Beach, has become a standard piece in Messagio Galore Sound performances. 


Sept 12, 2013:  Deanna Young talking about Tree, the new opening in Tree directorship, OPL workshops, and her recent work, in Prism and upcoming with Brick Books.


Aug 15, 2013: Steve Artelle talking about his rabbits in his new AngelHouse chapbook, and poetic and lantern rabbits for Chinatown Reloaded and the Lumiere Festival.


July 18, 2013: Goodbye Christine, Hello Pearl: the crossover show.