Petrie Island rout/e installation

Friends of Petrie Island on Facebook has given an update on the poems put up at Petrie island as part of rout/e which I mentioned in October.
The poems are put on stakes behind plexiglass in a park/recreation area. The idea is ephemeralness, to plant poetry in the wild for the wild and world to do as it will. In other poetry installations, poems were stolen or graffitied over or eroded by sun and rain into less legible.
Of poems by Blaine Marchand, Roland Prevost, Sandra Ridley, myself and David Groulx: Sandra’s poem is “out to sea”, spring waters rising up its display post which is a appropriate since it is a water poem and we staked it close to the shore so that interaction with the environment might happen.
Blaine’s whole post and placard is gone. Roland’s and the David’s are intact and my post is there but the poem is snatched.

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