p. 23 of been shed bore, Chaudiere Press, 2010
A selected list of where poems have been published includes: Arc, The Puritan, Matrix, PRECIPICe, Canadian Literature, Poemeleon, Halibut, Bottle Rockets, Dandelion, Otoliths, Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, filling Station, Bafter C, Bywords and One Sentence Poems. Most recently:
  • At SprungPoems: Prophesies for 45, and sex at 38ii. [Sept 2016]
  • The use of phone and mail being equally useless I walk(after Seng Jiaoran’s On Not Finding Lu Hongxian at Home) in the February 2016 issue of Bywords
  • Haibun, renga and haiku and broadsheet in  Haiku Canada Review [Vol 10, Feb 2016] 
  • senryu in  Failed Haiku  [issue 2 , Feb 2016]
  • never a how or why at Flat Singles Press [Jan 2016]
  • Sunrise with Sea Monsters  at the blog of the same name [Dec 2015]
  • An excerpt from Reviews of Non-existent Titles in the mclennan review. 
  • 2 vispo in Australia's Otoliths in  issue 39 . [Southern Spring 2016]
  • Poems in print in  Poetry Quarter  [Jan 2016 and March 2016]
  • A haiku in   A Hundred Gourds. [September 2015]
  • haiku in  Comparing Tattoos  in Hindi and Punjabi (Haiku Canada, 2015)
  • Haiku in  Painting Sunlight: A Trilingual Canadian Haiku Anthology  (Wah, 2015). 
  • Collaborative series with Roland Prevost in  Filling Station  [spring 2015 issue]
  • Short story Kamourska-Bound out in  Dreamland Magazine . [spring 2015]


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