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frost-slapped cheeks applied via Avon, ‘talk to him’ you instructed,
rub his hands, keep him with us. (we never had touched.)

sanguine sans glum, stand-up, wipe sebum, beach bum, 
I've been dead to you for 4 changes of addresses.

the exponential decay. scapolite turns yellow under black light.
press the button for glow over and over.




she phoned

with bad news—

on the counter

the cut potatoes

turn black.



And in small press: Ottawater, Experiment-OunarmedTwigs & Leaves, Vol V, 2012, Ottawa Arts Review, NationalPoetryMonth.ca, Womb1centbentspoonPeter F Yacht Clubpooka press, gar  and way back in 1995 in  The Morpo Review  and  Bywords .


More Pirie poems are at Volta: Evening Will Come: The Women of Visual Poetryhere (Sept 2013), Her Kind (Aug 2013), online and on page at above/ground broadsheet #320, let us make (July 2013), The Steel Chisel (June 2013), We've Talked About This at The Week Shall Inherit The Verse (Apr 2013).


In Poem in Which There is Zein Lurve in Poem In Which, (issue 2.2, Jan 2013), hurry-up-and-wait’s a handy tourniqueted phrase at Truck (June 2012), handwritten at Curvively, and one on Tumblr


There's more for the Call and Response: Walls of Jerusalem, and at This Magazine, and with Project Rebuild (123 4 5and 6). 


One is up at Poets Against the WarHer Flinch at Baby's Bare Bottom and In the Lowrise a Raised Eyebrow are up at Branch Magazine in issue 8 Make-Believe. 


A poem from a phafour chapbook is in ongoing notes. Poems from over my dead corpus are in Dusie issue 10 and in ditch, from been shed bore in The Puritan, and  Arched Angel is up at Moose & Pussy in print and on their CD and now soundcloud, Oral .  


A vispo piece was up at at  NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2012, 2014. Another was at Wave Book Erasures [that ephemera gone but stie still there].


Poems from Fur are in Ottawater 4.0, from Thirsts  here. A piece, Sandwiched, from an untitled manuscript is at 2011 LCP National Poetry Month.  A short poem is embedded in a Jane Beal post hereBubbles, Peacekeeper and Eleven were poems when I was a featured poet of the week at Rick Lupert's PoetrySuperHighway in 2003.


There are new poems in videoswith her author profile at Tree.