Recommended Poetry Reads

Poetry Chapbooks

  1. Unseen Garden by Roxanna Bennett (k | f | b, 2018):
  2. snow day by rob mclennan (above/ground, 2018):
  3. Espesantes by Stuart Ross (above/ground, 2018):
  4. Concealed Weapons/Animal Survivors by N Hanna (above/ground, 2018):
  5. For the Birds. For the Humans by Conyer Clayton (Battleaxe, 2018):
  6. Pipe Rose by Manahil Nadulkwala (Battleaxe, 2018):

Poetry books:

  1. I left nothing inside on purpose by Stevie Howell (Penguin Randomhouse, 2018):
  2. The True Names of Birds by Sue Goyette (Brick, 1998):
  3. A Book of Annotations by Cameron Anstee (Invisible, 2018):
  4. When I grow up I Want to be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen (BOA, 2017):
  5. The Man in the Black Coat Turns: Poems by Robert Bly (Penguin, 1983):
  6. the rush to here: poems by George Murray (Nightwood Editions, 2007):
  7. bury me deep in the green wood by rob mclennan (ECW Press, 1999): Heartrending.
  8. How Do I Look? by Senneh Yee  (Metatron, 2017): Recanting with feistiness the givens.

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