footlights Review

Kim Fahner was so kind as to review footlights at Periodicities on Jan 3.

She says in part,

“In “lifting for the purposes of night,” six beautiful couplets carve out vivid images and phrases:

                    the moon’s face is both up
                    and downwards. 

                    in incandescence a
                    glossy-leafed houseplant 

                    feels how the bottom
                    of an airplane wing 

                    lifts, night sky slips
                    the room into bluer. 

                     night suggests, anything
                     could happen. 

                     a mosquito rides
                     the cross-ventilation. 

This is a small poem that builds itself around texture, in how things feel to the touch, and in sight, and in the way even the tiniest mosquito hitches a ride on a current of air through a room. It is, I think, a poem that embodies all of what is best about Pearl Pirie’s work: she looks to—and documents—the tiny things in life with careful attention to detail. In so doing, she asks her reader to consider their place in the world, physically, spiritually, mentally, and philosophically.”