Round Up

AllLitUp haas posted a Writer’s Block Interview with me today. Check it out.
Oh, all the albums of events — A B Series, photos from Authors from Indies Day at Beechwood, photos from Writers Fest, spring 2015, from Tree’s 35th anniversary party readings, from BookThug launches, from old computer of West Fest and writers fest 2004.
Hear that? The emu of a laptop sounds like it’s out of breath.
My hard drive failed during the last 95books cycle and now my battery is claiming near-death. Still, faster than handwriting you all…
Been a while since my my last post but soon(ish) books 31-50 of reading in 2015. Good intentions to blog that and all the recent readings.
Synthesis takes more energy than letting new wash over you. To absorb is a step, to reply another, to say something more, well…
But it’s almost the end of launch season. There will be cake & radishes tonight in Quebec And, yahzee, I got my writer theme music onto my phone & it plays. Maybe I don’t have to fogie on back to gramophone land.
Want more literary? Literary blogs in Ottawa, part 1, the mclennan empire, and Literary blogs in Ottawa, part 2, more people.
What to do with the thoughts that fit no where? They get divided between the sheep of tweets and the goats of poems. Like, finding the 100-page manuscript of homemade aphorisms I typed in high school. How does that fit.
Or how it seems a comic simulacrum of a symbolic knell when I search for a word like “joy” or like “love” in a document & get no results.
Okay, off we go…

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