Versefest 2014: Sister in Slam

Way back on Day 3 of Versefest there was a woman’s slam performance. Kayla Fraser (left) organized and MCed the event where there was a roller coaster of arc with poets cycling from topic to topic on aspects of being female from dating, to assault or fear of, friendship and love, from politics to motherhood […]

VERSeFest: Dutch Showcase

And back to the VERSeFest stage. Anita Dolman reading her poems. One of these was around the legacy of the past. For example, shoes that will never fit due to childhood war and being bound into too small shoes. The misshapen small-toe-details will never fit the post-war world. above/ground had a new chapbook which was […]

VERSeFest: Plan 99 Presents

Barbara Langhorst, Stephen Price and Susan Glickman read at VERSeFest March 16th under the exotic dazzle of purple gel lights. Barbara Langhorst is considered in the experimental poetry camp. In her preamble she admitted that she used to about goth subjects like dead animals and didn’t key into what they wanted to say. They pointed […]

VERSeFest Day 5: Capital Slam

As a civilian – as opposed to those on the organizing committee or the reading series organizers – I sometimes feel as if festivals were built for me. Given the room of 30-80, or so, for each event, evidently it fit with more people than me for audience. JM Francheteau watching the show and Monty […]

VERSeFest Day: Day 4: Higgins and Sweeney

The advantage of a festival is going to everything because you don’t know what you don’t know. Some poets have no digital footprint or are in a different literary ecosystem that isn’t liable to cross paths with your usual path. Rita Ann Higgins began to write poetry in the 70s after being hospitalized with tuberculosis […]

VERSeFest Day 6: KaDo

A sweet aspect of VERSeFest is the inclusivity, bringing into the fold, out from the cold, all ranges of poetry from those who do micro press to M&S, from story-oriented to language oriented, from overseas to domestic, and various lineages besides, such as various Eastern forms. KaDo is a group that’s been meeting quarterly for […]

VERSeFest Day 5: A B Series

If you came at the right time, there was a cookie fairy at the door, a volunteer who brought fresh warm cookies to those who arrived. Oh my, just the energy burst one needed halfway thru a day, and most of the way thru a festival. Kevin Matthews welcomed people back for the evening events […]