Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day

Put a poem poesy and put it in your pocket. What to pick?
There’s a new one of mine up The Week Shall Inherit the Verse today. Disseminate that willy-nilly if you wish.
What’s the world out there but something in concert with our breaths?
Alice Burdick’s poem is up at The Toronto Quarterly invites us to think about breathing, and after that John Barlow about a nose bleeding. Like it’s path.
I went to look for another poem in particular but then saw Laura Broadbent‘s “Supple with incoherence, I have not /learned how to people myself. ” There’s a McGimpsy poem there too from Li’l Bastard but I like his interview on poet myths better than that one in particular.
There goes the calendar surprising me again. We’re already in the 3rd week of April. I was looking to point to Roland Prevost’s poem there where he said “To hammer out an existence doesn’t /mean to cast it out, make it leave.”
The BookThug blog also has been putting out more poems for National Poetry Month, including Erin Moure recently with one that starts, “for you who validated the earth with your ferocity”. Check out this Byran Sentes tight piece.
Dusie is doing a regular series again. Elizabeth Robinson’s: On Recovery starts with the hook, “There are mediate and immediate causes.”
kevin mcpherson eckhoff‘s at fits right in with my reading bpNichol’s The Alphabet Game.
In other poetry finds, Poetic Visuality and Experimentation: A Brief Guide to English-Canadian Poetry including how to give a close read to visual poetry. It seems as soon as its not a lineated anecdote people throw up their hands and either talk about moorless relativity and all things being good, or declare it in-editable. As much as I’d like to call as visual poetry perfection out the gate, thus perfection is achievable, a guide. Yay.
Have you seen Dan Weber’s Discover your favorite letter too that whirls the characters into other beauties?
In other new, the Purdy A-Frame now accepting applications for writing residencies.

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