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Dialoguing the Critical Curvature

Dialoguing the Critical Curvature
Mind can overcome matter
of footbones, ankles, knees,
hip lumbar limbered up
cervical nattering
snare drum kit of the static
vertebral crackle
jaw like lightning
masseuse uses elbows
deep sweeps trigger points
disarming, from limping, mechanically
rotating swing step on magically
stretching risers of stairs
to enlimpating the limbs
hesitation becomes abstract
I’m fine faltering mid-
stroke, deep scapula
release impart a spark
connection restored a hum of cheer
-ful resistance, rubbed smooth
unshackled from strain,
loosened from flesh’s flares
drooling into a pool
of liquid potential energy
slipped disc spas-
med moan
segued to ooohh
The good leader is he whom the people revere.
The great leader is he of whom the people say,
“We did it ourselves.”
–Lao Tzu

Book knowledge of Heat (May)

We harlequin-dream to be plastered with cherry
petals, lips holi-dusted in crocus pistils.
We plead of sky and each other: make us sweat,
bait us to unswaddle without the suffering of
late frost. April showers thaw the shoulders,
showing skin is months away, other side of spasms
of lumbar, shoots of brave green, shiver of May
flowers, snow coated. Warnings of global warming
seem not so much cruel tease as naive, or perhaps
tongue-in-cheek, like latin lover’s spar, designed
to pique, to be fire pokers to spark the ole
coal noggins into remembering father sun.