book reviews written

Miramichi Reader: Permutations by Paula Turcotte [forthcoming], Rooted by Tricia Snell, Dear Elsa by Marco Fraticelli, Groping in the Daylight by AugustaWynde, a beautiful rebellion by rita bouvier, Asterisms by Donna Kane, Smoked Frames by S. Rupsha Mitra, Scattered Snowdrops by Kamal Parmar, Alternator by Chris Banks (Nightwood, 2023), Only Insistence by James Lindsay (KFB, 2022), World’s End by rob mclennan (ARP, 2023), The Cat Looked Back by Louise Carson (Signature Editions, 2023), The End is the the Middle by Daniel Scott Tysdal,Broken Dawn Blessings by Adam Sol, Tilling the Darkness by Susan Braley, Love Pandemic by Salimah Valiani, If I Didn’t Love the River by Robert Priest, The Last Unsuitable Man by Louise Carson, Boldly Go by William Shatner and Joshau Brandon, Oems by Matthew Tomkinson, 29 Leads to Love by Salimah Valiani, Context and Content by A.J. Diamond, Never the Less by Gillian Jerome, by Creeland by Dallas Hunt, Antonyms For Daughter By Jenny Boychuk, Smithereens by Terence Young.

ShoHyōRan: Keeping Time: Haibun for the Journey: Poems by Penny Harter (Kelsay Books, 2023), String theory edited by Jim Kacian, The Art of Reading and Writing Haiku by Randy Brooks, My Red by John Stevenson, Goldfish by Naho Sugita, Landmarks by Ray Rasmussen, A New Resonance 12: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, edited by Jim Kacian & Julie Warther, A Sonic Boom of Stars by the 2020 Southern California Haiku Study Group.

pesbo: Get Well Soon by Jamie Shape [forthcoming], Love Calls Us Here by Chris Anderson, Fake Math by ryan fitzpatrick, Girl Running by Diana Hope Tegenkamp. A Cartography of Home by Hayden Saunier.

League of Canadian Poets: A Song of Milestones by Jennifer Wenn (Harmonia Press, 2019), Orion Sweeping by Anne Marie Todkill (Brick, 2022), Locked In Different Alphabets by Doris Fiszer, and The Muse Sings by Dennis Cooley

Freefall: Openwork and Limestone by Frances Boyle (Frontenac, 2022) [print, summer, 2023]

Periodicities: The Sleep Orchard by Amy Dennis, Coronovirus Haiku: Worker’s Writers School, edited by Mark Nowak.

Montreal Review of Books: Assi Manifesto by Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Late Victorians, by Vincent Colistro, My Dinosaur, by François Turcot, translated by Erín Moure, Redrafting Winter by Gillian Sze and Alison Strumberger, Small Fires by Kelly Norah Drukker, Yellow Crane by Susan Gillis, and The Night Chorus by Harold Hoefle.

Haiku Canada Review: Journey Ongoing by Michael Dudley [print], The Inevitable by Dorothy Mahoney, Asking for Trouble: Tanka by Czandra, Ditch Walker: Haiku by Bernice Angeline Sorge, Edge of Suburbia: haibun, haiku and monoku by Christopher Bays. [print]

Arc Magazine: chapbook reviews (2015): Middle Child of Summer–31 poems for August by Kim Clark (leaf press, 2014),  Intertidal Zones by Adrienne Gruber (Jack Pine Books), Who I am Not by Victoria Linhares (self-published), Case Study with Jennifer Kronovet (above/ground, 2015),  XII by Vivian Vivassis (Textualis Press, 2015)