Studio Nouveau

Studio Nouveau, est. 2011: workshops in Ottawa-Gatineau. And occasional pop-up series of salon readings and launches.


Coming in 2023: Two new workshop series online on emotions and poetry, and editing your chapbook.

January-March 2020: on the Moodle platform. Two workshops: a) Generative poetry workshop and b) short poem workshop streams. Details.

Fall 2019: At your own pace class on editing. Editing to build muscular poems. Examples, exercises and discussion. Free feedback on 6-10 poems. ($180 Canadian, $132 U.S.)

2019: Weekly in February: Shortest month for short poems. Each weekend an essay, examples, exercise and exploratory discussion on short poems, minimalist poems, and easten forms. (Online. $200).

2017: April 3-May 8, 2017, weekly on Mondays for 6 weeks, 2 hours each: Haiku and other short forms: Haiku, senryu, short lyric, tanka, minimalism, one word poems, erasure poetry. Online and in-person thru Studio Nouveau. Appreciation, discussion and creation. $200

2016: June/July: 6 weeks: Poetry in the 21st century: Accumulating: Postmodern Procedural (Lyn Hijinian and Ron Silliman), Fight for our rights for parity: Minority Majority (Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Natalie Diaz), Load Bearing Lines: Every word is structural (Marcus McCann and a few others), Tang Poets now: the long reach back (Wang Wei and Tu Mu), Sound poetry: anarchist ideology (Anat Pick, bisset, bp, Schwitters), and Corpus Poems: flarf and bots (Katie Degentesh, Harry Giles). Paired with exercises, close reads of why, how, who and principles of writing. 

2016: Jan 11: Studio Nouveau Workshop: poetics survey and chapbooks, in-person series Jan 11-March 14, 2016, 7-9pm on Social Response Poetics, Process: Editing poems for a chapbook whole, Maximalism’s Nth Degree and What Fits Into a Chapbook, Minimalism and Cutting One’s Own Trope, Sound Sense, Joy, Play and Other Sentiments, Execution: Cutting. Chapbook finalization

2016: Studio Nouveau Workshop Online: poetics survey and writing prompts Feb 5- April 8, asynchonous and with livechats on Social Response, Editing an Argument, Avant-Garde & Refusniking, Maximalism’s Nth Degree, Minimalism, Sound Sense, Joy, Play and Other Sentiments, Asian Gaze 

2015: April 8th: Cocoa Cabin chapbook launch at A Thing for Chocolate, 1262 Wellington St W.

2014: May 15: Catherine Owen’s workshop on grief poems.

2014: Dec 7: Marcus McCann salon reading with opener Jeff Blackman. 

2013: Sept 29th: Elizabeth Bachinsky workshop

2012: July 25: brought in the Stuart Ross Poetry Bootcamp.

2011: Oct 27, 2011, Emerging Writers, Ottawa: Frances Boyle, Vanessa Hanson, Robin Macdonald, Jacqueline Bourque, Pearl Pirie, Gwen Smid, Anna Mancini, Peter Dixon and Bernadette Wagner, writers who met at Sage Hill Writing Experience and/or Banff Centre”s Writing With Style. 223 Armstrong St, Carleton Tavern, Upstairs