Quebec poets: Haiku Canada Conference: May 20, Zoom, 7-8pm EST

Sandra Stephenson, Janick Belleau, Hélène Leclerc, Carole Daoust, Louise Carson, Maxianne Berger, Pearl Pirie, Joyce Ryckman, Bernice Sorge, Rachel Garber and Angela Leuck

Peter F Yacht Club Christmas Regatta Reading

This year posted as videos as the 16th Regatta at above/ground, Dec 29, 2021 with Kimberly Quiogue Andrews, Susan J. Atkinson, Frances Boyle, Jason Christie, Conyer Clayton, Laurie Anne Fuhr, natalie hanna, Robert Hogg, Margo LaPierre, Gil McElroy, rob mclennan, Christine McNair, Pearl Pirie, Monty Reid, Stuart Ross, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, and D.S. Stymeist

Watch for registration for more classes in 2022 on poetry on the Moodle platform or email/zoom.

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