footlights from Radiant Press “lyric grief-work, and joy-work, loss, and resilience” Over 100 copies sold in just over 4 months. Order from your local indie bookstore or buy it from Radiant Press. $20.

footlights by Pearl Pirie, cover art by Faith B. Logan, design by Tania Wolk, edited by gillian harding-russell.
footlights by Pearl Pirie, cover art by Faith B. Logan.

the pet radish, shrunken

the pet radish, shrunken, cover at by Phil Hall

(Book*hug, 2015) $22 for paper, $13 for digital from Book*hug.

“These poems shelter surreal and uncanny imagery. Charged with innovative and lyrical energies, the pet radish, shrunken is a gorgeous rebellion.“— Eduardo C. Corral on the pet radish, shrunken

“I read the book through three times[…] I very much enjoyed it. I laughed out loud on multiple occasions which is no small feat for a book of poetry!” — Jenny Samparisi on the pet radish, shrunken

Hear a sample.


(Snare, 2011) [Book Trailer] Thirsts, denied and indulged, overt and so subtle as to be unnoticeable, have a sometimes unexamined power in our lives. Poems in Thirsts are passions we hold for one another. 

Words and frames obliquely enter and exit. It is characteristic of her poetry to find that right mix of slippage and balance.

 “reading a lot of poetry the meaning goes horizontal but this goes horizontal, vertical then vertigo.” ~ Shannon Maguire

 [sample poem.]

Snare is now an imprint of Invisible Publishing Buy it from Invisible Publishing . Or you can buy from me directly..)

been shed bore

(Chaudiere Books, 2010) [Book Trailer] Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie’s been shed bore, her first trade poetry collection, follows years of a small voice gaining in strength, and in volume, through so much subtle activity and quiet disconnect that by the time she was noticed, she was already everywhere, and already a confident voice. A poetry built on the strength of play —rob mclennan on been shed bore

“The unendingly exuberant imagination of Pirie comfortably stakes out her space as she explores a wide range of poetic forms. […]This fine first book shows the dexterity Pearl Pirie brings to the page with confidence.”—Michael Dennis review of been shed bore. Buy it from Invisible.