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entering a Moment

entering a Moment

words seem to gather the sense that they
like children are no longer central
to this conversation.

They slip away to peer around
corners at our making straight-backed make believe
subjects, civility, sensible, ostensibly, sensibilllblillbly,
pardonable giggled, gardenable, wha –

what was I saying, the swung bar codes
of my eyelashes, flashes of your eyes
interfere with my processing

“Just talk I don’t care what” –
the sound of your voice, fragrance from your hair
every millimeter breath nearer is all I can be aware of
beyond this dizzying epicentre spinning
with that glance

desire? promise? invitation? awareness? possibility? need?
to read in depth at length unvocalized subtexts,
we are mercifully deaf and blind to audible meanings,

you are capable of intuiting my braille tongue,
how it is punched boldface.
you will trace a study of my
goosebumps to tastebuds
to flat flushed flares of heat.
Your breath probes open intents,

tense, intense,
before my lips can close over the polite
grooves of leaden cliches, clattering,
they crunch under our feet as we stumble
backwards into walls, falling walls
no words left to fail us, we fall

involuntary yesses
those no’s’
those small noises
meek and quieted that go off on tiptoes
leaving us alone with each other to throw
off the feeble and absurd constructions
of these clothes and these words.

walking until shoes squish

they fall together, rain and night
both warm as mother’s kisses on crown
protective, solid, grounded and safe
people give themelves over to rain
those that fear have already scurried
their hard shells of umbrellas clamped
swifter and harder than night, rain
both amplified by the contrast
of headlights. both change the pace
of footsteps to night slow for those
who remain out here, themselves given over
to the greater later, touching weather

anatomy of the new season

anatomy of the new season
stepping from steam of bus to street
my parotid lymph nodes are exposed,

Uvula wracked, tract explodes
with propelled load of cold-shocked air.

using the diaphragm as a trampoline
genuflected seeds of viral wheeze

are aireborne, as summer bubbles
atomized invisilbized, over rooftops.

Tug, cover, my occidipal lymph nodes
toque pulled low, untuck the scarf from my

scalenus medius and wrap my nose &
external acoustic meatus before it’s froze!

after the door slams

hall mirrors face themselves
full in the glass, expressionless
as whisky, with not a voice
to hoarse around ideas with, flashes
of flurried colors passed uncaptured
for future records to verify this

the frame rocks with no hand
to steady the swing. nailed
pendulums can’t fall and break
cyptic small hand of lead pencil
rubs the paint of the wall
in illegible proof of movement