Checking In: With Lisa Timpf

Lisa Timpf was a cocoaphile published in Cocoa Cabin in 2014. Funnily enough we crossed paths each from our trajectory to end up being both reviewers at The Mirimichi Reader. She is now a retired HR and communications professional who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. Her speculative poetry has appeared in New Myths, Star*Line, Triangulation: Habitats, Polar Borealis, and other venues. She’s also had more than 40 short stories and numerous reviews published in magazines and anthologies. Lisa’s collection of speculative haibun poetry, In Days to Come, is available from Hiraeth Publishing. You can find out more about Lisa’s writing projects at

PP: I missed seeing your title come out with Hiraeth this March. Congratulations. Good to learn there’s a sub-genre of spec fiction haibun. Maybe Haiku Canada members should especially take note.

What have you read lately that you loved and why?

LT: I recently finished Tomboy: The Surprising History and Future of Girls Who Dare to Be Different by Lisa Selin Davis. I really liked the way the author went about inquiring into the nature of the “tomboy” phenomenon, including personal reflections, research results, advertising material, etc. As someone who’d grown up being called, and acting like, a tomboy, I found the book both affirming and informative.

PP: What’s life’s focus these days, literary or otherwise?

LT: Now that I’m retired, I’m focussed on enjoying every moment. I have a spunky cocker spaniel-Jack Russel cross that keeps me on my toes, a garden and large property to tend, and tons of story and poem ideas to explore.

PP: Focussing on the moment certainly lends itself to haiku. A lot of people who retire often say they don’t see how they ever found the time to work. What do you have literary-wise underway or forthcoming?

LT: I’m revisiting the research I completed for my never-completed Master’s thesis in Sport History, wondering whether I can make a book or at least an article or two out of it. It seems a shame to waste it all. I also pitched an idea for an anthology I’d like to edit, so I’m waiting back to hear about that.

PP: What work do you have out there that people can read? 

LT: Many of my stories are available for free at certain venues. One such venue is New Myths ( there include the poems “Canem Roboto” (Issue 55) and “Over the Rainbow” (Issue 56/57) and the short stories “Roxy” (Issue 32), “Roxy’s Rule” (Issue 40) and “The Switch” (Issue 59), among others.

I edited Eye to the Telescope Issue 32, Sports and Games issue, which includes a number of fine poems. I’ve also done book reviews for sites like The Miramichi Reader and The Future Fire. A more complete listing of the works I’ve been fortunate enough to see published appears on my web site.

PP: Super. Thanks for your time, Lisa!

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