Checking in: With Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett, back in 2018, published with me the chapbook Though we are incredibly small, a minimalist linked poem.

PP: What have you read lately that lit you up? Add a why or how for the shoutout.

SB: I’ll try to be brief & to the point: I’ve just finished reading an interesting book of Donato Mancini’s, as well as the real treasure-trove chapbook rob mclennan’s just done for one of my very favourite poets, Monty Reid. In fact, to rejig Ginsberg’s line, I’d say “the best Canadian poets of my generation” are Monty, Sharon Thesen, Patrick Friesen & Guy Birchard. I’m also currently reading a totally fascinating bio of Marcel Duchamp, & two A’murican friends’ new poetry books, just released—Hank Lazer’s & Michael Rothenberg’s.

PP: I enjoy Mancini and Reid’s poetry as well. I haven’t read enough Sharon Thesen. I should get back to her. What’s your life’s focus these days, literary or otherwise?

SB: Lots of reading (as always), writing, & trying to avoid getting Covid a second time (boosted, so only mild symptoms, fortunately), & wanting to travel!

PP: Oy, yeh yoy. Sorry to hear Covid caught you. You have brave travel dreams. I’m happy to stay holed up forever to avoid it. Mailbox is a major expedition.

What have you got underway or forthcoming? Anything you can tell?

SB: I’m working on a new sequence that might possibly become another book length serial poem. Here’s the title & gist/blurb: SongBu®st: “Breaking into song, or breaking it apart? Maybe a bit of both. Simultaneously a celebration & a send up of iconic pop culture lyrics.”

PP: Cool. What work can people read?

SB: There are quite a few things if people want to scroll around my site, clicking on the various listed books:

PP: Any other social media urls or projects you’d like to plug?

SB: Since 2018: A new book coming out later in 2022 with Chax Press (Broken Glosa), with 68 glosa poems riffing on 68 poets who have long been important to me; a book came out this past March (Lift Off, Blazevox Books, 2022); & in 2018, the book Back Principles (Blazevox Books), & also 2018, a chapbook, Shall We Dance That One Around Again? (Finishing Line Press); I have a 29 minute video reading from my upcoming book, Broken Glosa: an alphabet book of post avant glosaStephen Bett // Reading from Broken Glosa – YouTube (posted by Ragged Lion Press in London, UK); & of course my site:

PP: Wow, super busy brainworks. Thanks for your time and for your patience of waiting for this to get posted.