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Poetry Titles, Last Chance for Copies

Chapbook and book inventory being sorted

Only 1 copy of a few remains. Unless otherwise stated, I’m the author.

Your last chance to get a copy of these 14 titles:

  • Pent Up (AngelHouse, 2009) $5
  • If (phafours press, 2013) $5
  • A Wall’s Sharp White (phafours/Tree Press, 2011) $5
  • Chromatic Beliefs (phafours/Tree Press, 2011) $5
  • Where There’s Fire (phafours, 2013) $12
  • Please don’t tickle the salamander’s belly (In/Words, 2015) $10
  • Sourdough Collaboration (phafours, 2015) $5
  • cough of a sloth by Claudia Radmore (phafours, 2017) $5
  • in session: a brief statement of the facts and the interactions of various companies and people by Dalton Derkson (phafours, 2016) $5
  • Not quite Dawn (Éditions des petits nuages, 2020) $12
  • Occasionally rational human by Stephen Brockwell (phafours, 2019) $10
  • Saviour of the western wor(l)d (phafours, 2018) $5
  • between stations (obvious epiphanies press, 2010) $15
  • Water Loves its Bridges (The Alfred Gustav Press, 2020) $15

Package deal: Buy the whole lot for $60 plus shipping.

Email me by gmail or FB or what have you pearl.pirie and we can figure out paypal or etranfer or cheque.

Perks of above/ground

Like above/ground and all the poetry plentitude rob mclennan does? Like my poetry? Now you can support both in one swoop for $30. One package gone, 6 more to go…

The above/ground 30th anniversary fundraiser to keep the poetry coming is on for 2 more weeks.

There are many bundles, Hugh Thomas, Chicago poets, Toronto poets, visual poets, “a heartfelt support package” where you give $20 but don’t need to find more room to put anything, and loads more.

small press fair

I guess since Facebook isn’t for everyone’s taste and it isn’t on my server, I’ll share a few photos from the Ottawa small press fair here as well.

I didn’t go around systematically photographing each person and booth this time, to the relief of at least a couple exhibitors.

some of the constant traffic through the afternoon
Apt 9 and Pinhole Press
Some chatting

Michael e. Casteels was there, and Shreeking Violet, above/ground, Grunge Papers and a bunch more new and regulars.

Next time: November, Jack Purcell. I hit my limit of $120 spent and took in a good amount too.

Chelsea Author’s Market

The 4th annual author’s day went off pretty nicely. I sold several chapbooks, an autoharp and chatted with a couple people about the Guatemala Stove Project.

phafours press table with poem sheets and front and backlist items

We all checked out each other’s wares. I didn’t get a photo of everyone through. Who was there? Ruth Tabacnik with Beads of Awareness which raises money for artist partners in Uganda and for solar lights there. A pretty good sized crew from the Gatineau Valley Historical Society with their magazines, their books on history and canoe routes. Stephanie Boyer was there with her French and (soon to be English and Korean) children’s books. Workshop leader, poet and novelist Catherine Joyce was tabling as well.

Marieke rounded up an audience for readings and I opened followed by Alice Petersen, Brian Doyle, and Sandra Perron.

Sandra Perron;s memoir of being a female soldier was the next table over. It’s being made into a movie.
When we got hungry, besides produce and good food at other booths, there was a bakery with excellent bread and sweets in from Ottawa, Clafoutis. Amazing food.
After my reading a lady came over to read aloud the poems she liked from it to her husband who missed it. They laughed, said they were great and left it on the table unbought. Ah well, to reach people is the thing. All poetry is not for profit.

I’m having a little trouble with my gallery images here in preview vs. what actually displays.

Below should be Brian Doyle and Marieke.

Sean Silcoff is shown below holding up the original Blackberry as he reads from Losing the Signal, (made into a movie).

Photo below is with Nicole Caputo closing.

Sean Silcoff is shown below holding up the original Blackberry as he reads from Losing the Signal, (made into a movie). Photo below is with Nicole Caputo closing.

Nicole Caputo read from the kid’s book The Adventures of Wandering Willis.