Chalkpaths: Editing and Printing

Close reads of manuscripts with feedback. As detailed of edit as you choose, structural editing down to copy editing. 


Or, do you have a chapbook but don't want to do the production?


Chalk Paths does assisted self-publishing of poetry chapbooks. 


A printing and layout company for your poems. You have the poems. You reimburse for printing costs. We do what's in-between for $25/hour.


With a publishing package:

Covered:  layout, proofreading, taking files to printers and bringing them back to you. 

Optional Add-Ons: cover design, help you get an isbn, substantial editing

Not covered: structural editing, making a publishing name, copy for bios and back cover, marketing, promotion, launch or sales.



With over 10 years experience as head editor for an English teacher's journal, and over 10 more as an editor for a number of small press poetry publications.


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