Been reading, editing, gardening, sewing, cleaning. I have a backlog of books read that I’d like to summarize, note, review. Eventually they’ll be too many and I’ll skip and start where I’m at again. I’ve been thinking that a chapbook can be as dextrous as a bicycle, moving nimbly among items of a meditation. Single […]

Women’s writing

You suppose I’ll scare anyone off with a title like that? Is it a pejorative phrase? It niggles at my that the workshop on the history of women’s tanka and haiku, while it attracted a good number, all were female. There was a proportional to population representation who showed up for a senryu workshop, albeit, […]

Poetics Statement

poetics statement 2021 What am I trying to do? What am I trying to avoid? What do I value?  what do I want to write? why? what matters? what do I want to read? Is it still process not product? Whereas before I wanted to break systems of thought, habits and associations and what passed […]

what is the work

Novels can suspend disbelief. Why can’t poems. The length or scope? I suppose poems want to poke holes in belief. Poems are a chance for real talk, not pleasing narrative.