Why I like poetry

I read novels. Not all novels but. In the exceptional one each sentence hooks forward and stands fresh in perspective. For example, “One of the doctors said that his boot had probably saved his life, and she felt like kissing it, although in all the confusion, no one knew exactly where it had ended up.” […]


Been reading, editing, gardening, sewing, cleaning. I have a backlog of books read that I’d like to summarize, note, review. Eventually they’ll be too many and I’ll skip and start where I’m at again. I’ve been thinking that a chapbook can be as dextrous as a bicycle, moving nimbly among items of a meditation. Single […]

Women’s writing

You suppose I’ll scare anyone off with a title like that? Is it a pejorative phrase? It niggles at my that the workshop on the history of women’s tanka and haiku, while it attracted a good number, all were female. There was a proportional to population representation who showed up for a senryu workshop, albeit, […]