Making chapbooks

I shall essay* to explain this process. I have been working out a choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) type flipbook chapbook of haiku for nearly 3 months now. The number of options in how to read increases exponentially with more poems. A dozen haiku make for 1,726 possible readings. 18 haiku make for nearly 6000 possible readings. The […]

New chapbook out today!

A new chapbook I wrote is out today from Trainwreck Press, whose mandate is: “Celebrating the innovative, the non-conforming, the radical, the alternative, the avant-garde, the non-linear, the abstract, the surreal, the visual, the concrete, the experimental.“ New is Mudflaps for short dogs: concrete poetry, machine sonnets, surreal and lyrical these poems poke and play. […]

Chapbook Spotlight: Sex in Sevens

This is an addition to the CanLit poetic tradition of sex-at followed by a few (Barry McKinnon, Brian Fawcett, George Stanley, Artie Gold, rob mclennan, Mark Cochrane and Kate Van Dusen) of checking in with how sex is every few years. sex at 38 ii: I don’t want to washthe sheets. it would lose the […]