Village Poet

I had the pleasure of being on library shift with Wakefield’s Village poet emeritus, Phil Cohen. Phil started in New York City, went to MIT in engineering, and somehow ended up Quebec by 1984. {…] real people here too on the other side of the man made wall.Odd isn’t it,That whenever I slow downI find […]

Mini-interview: Kim Fahner

Kim Fahner came across my radar thanks to VERSeFest’s readings by poet laureates, held at the NAC in 2017. I went to everything at the fest, and was taken by her happy glow. I have since read her first book, got her second book, and follow her social media. You can see her past readings. […]

Checking In With: Roland Packer

How did I meet Roland? On the page, over and over. We met face-to-face just once but I had and have followed his concrete and experimental haiku in journals for years. He has a refreshing take on things. For example, q ant m from Wayfarers outlastingeveryone she loved –heartwood Tinywords Or this one at is/let. […]

Checking In With: Sanita Fejzić

Sanita Fejzić is an editor, children’s writer, poet, playwright and point of a whirlwind. She did haiku for a while with KaDo. Way back was a regular at Tree and In/Words (and various things about town). At that tine she gracefully allowed me to publish some vispo in the form of The Union of 6 […]