Top 25 reads

What is the top fifth of the books completed thus far this year? My favourite books and chapbooks read are these: Poems/Essays Quiet Night Think: Poems and Essays by Gillian Sze (ECW, 2022) Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty by Bahar Orang Bookhug, 2020) Novels/Short Fiction A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little […]

2021 books read & favs of the year

It’s the most statistical time of the year. I read 3 Canadians for each 2 international, so more, compared to the half and half last year.  This year, 41 titles were read aloud with husband. 45 titles read were haiku or haibun. 69% were poetry compared to 30% poetry last year, but with judging a […]

Books read

90. Initial Response: An A-?Z of haiku moments by Maeve OInitial Response :An A-?Z of haiku moments by Maeve O’??Sullivan (Alba Publishing, 2011) is a coherent collection, with the structure allowing bite-sized units of poems. I was curious about her writing since she has a new collection from Alba coming so wanted to check it […]

Books Read: Mostly haiku

Haikool: 108 Haijins: français, picàr, nederlands, deutsch, español, english, edited by Rob Flipse & Eric Hellal (éditions l’iroli, 2013) was a gift from a neighbour. It is a gorgeous international collection where each poem is translated into 5 languages and each writer has a line drawing of them. I boggle at the logistics of making […]