95 Books, Part 9

Numbers 86-97 in 2013 reading. Below are reading notes (I don’t call any of these reviews) on the next batch of books include pop science to biography, religion and poetry. After: Poems by Jane Hirshfield (Harper Perennnial, 2006) I wanted to like this book. Bits of it I did. For example, p.85 Red Scarf The […]

95 Books, Part 8

I’ve plummeted largely into poetry but am still clicking along on some non-fiction. In the next part of the reading of the year is largely contemporary, although among the 44 books left on my active reading stack, some are more from a century or so ago. Need Machine by Andrew Faulkner (Coach House, 2013). I’m […]

95 Books, Part 7

Going through the stacks of new books arrived, most poems are working images, some the angle of ideas. Most have an underlying sadness to them. Hard to separate the interpretation from the projection. Is that what is resonating or being imposed? The Small Nouns Crying Faith by Phil Hall (BookThug 2013), p69 gives a sample […]