Checking In: phafours poet: Allison Armstrong

Allison Armstrong appeared in Air Out/Air In (phafours, 2011). She ran the Voices of Venus series. More recently her poems appeared in Long Con magazine, L’Éphémère Review and Yes Poetry. PP: What have you read lately that lit you up? Why or how?  AA: TBH, what’s been lighting me up lately is novels. The Locked Tomb series […]

Checking In: phafours poet: Catina Noble

Catina Noble, fellow cocoaphile, appeared in Cocoa Cabin (phafours, 2014). She is a busy Ottawa writer with over 200 publication credits. Her work has appeared in Woman’s World Magazine, Y Travel Blog, Perceptive Travel, Bywords and many other places. She has four chapbooks of poetry, a full length poetry book— a total of ten books out. Three of […]

Checking In: Murray Citron

Ottawa poet Murray Citron won the 2011 Tree Chapbook Award for There is a Tree (shteyt a boim) for which he packed the room with over 120 people. He was published by phafours press in 2018 with Dragonflies and Other Things. He is known for his Itzik Manger translations from Yiddish but writes his own […]