2021 books read & favs of the year

It’s the most statistical time of the year. I read 3 Canadians for each 2 international, so more, compared to the half and half last year.  This year, 41 titles were read aloud with husband. 45 titles read were haiku or haibun. 69% were poetry compared to 30% poetry last year, but with judging a […]

KFB Holiday Queer

Part of the Knife Fork Book launch of Not Your Best 2. On zoom with Joshua Escobar, Philip Hare, David Ly, Annick Macaskill, Ian Martin, Khashayar Mohammadi, Pearl Pirie, Don Pyle, Angie Quick, Jean-Phillipe Raîche, Michael Russell, Katie Stobbart, Sasha Torchinsky, K.S.Y. Varnum, Matthew Walsh of about 5 minutes each. Details here.

New poem up

I have a poem up at the December issue of Bywords.ca December 2021 Table of Contents Dina Elleithy – pause Susanne Fletcher – The Bird With The Messy Hairdo Marsha Masseau – Meditations at the Coin Wash John Morris – Prayers for My Father Pearl Pirie – the straw Dawn Steiner – The Cat on […]

Format & Content

A themed collection where the thesis is restated for 80 pages. A collection of poems I done writ since the last book-thing. A narrative arc story as a poetry collection. A series of poems that add up to something. How? Why is this poem here with these other poems and not in another book? As […]