After favourable results at a twitter poll, I have started a public instagram account. There I am sharing some poetry daily at http://www.instagram/pearlpiriepoet I must say, I’ve been on instagram for years but only reading and speaking to people I already know as a closed forum. Exploring instagram with tags is a free for all, […]

Heather Spears

Heather Spears has passed. Wolsak and Wynn did a bunch of her poetry collections including her gg-winning collection The Word for Sand. She won the Pat Lowther 3 times. Northrop Frye called her first book “haunting and disconcerting.” Last time I saw her was at the Tree Reading Series when she was visiting from Denmark […]

LCP shortlists

Lampert: Bertrand Bickersteth – The Response of Weeds (NeWest Press, 2020), Jillian Christmas – the gospel of breaking (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2020), Valerie Mason-John – I Am Still Your Negro (University of Alberta Press, 2020), Bahar Orang – Where Things Touch (Book*hug Press, 2020), Tyler Pennock – Bones (Brick Books, 2020), and Natasha Ramoutar – Bittersweet (Mawenzi House, 2020) For Raymond Souster: Sadiqa de Meijer – The Outer Wards (Véhicule Press/Signal Poetry, 2020), Klara du Plessis – Hell […]