VERSeFest Day: Day 4: Higgins and Sweeney

The advantage of a festival is going to everything because you don’t know what you don’t know. Some poets have no digital footprint or are in a different literary ecosystem that isn’t liable to cross paths with your usual path. Rita Ann Higgins began to write poetry in the 70s after being hospitalized with tuberculosis […]

VERSeFest Day 6: KaDo

A sweet aspect of VERSeFest is the inclusivity, bringing into the fold, out from the cold, all ranges of poetry from those who do micro press to M&S, from story-oriented to language oriented, from overseas to domestic, and various lineages besides, such as various Eastern forms. KaDo is a group that’s been meeting quarterly for […]

VERSeFest Day 5: A B Series

If you came at the right time, there was a cookie fairy at the door, a volunteer who brought fresh warm cookies to those who arrived. Oh my, just the energy burst one needed halfway thru a day, and most of the way thru a festival. Kevin Matthews welcomed people back for the evening events […]

VF: Hall of Honour

A new tradition to thank some people who inspired started at this VERSeFest… The first inductees into the VERSeFest Hall of Honour: William Hawkins and Greg “Ritallin” Frankson. rob mclennan welcomed in William Hawkins with this introduction. William Hawkins has lived most of his life in Ottawa, with side trips to Vancouver, Toronto, Tallahassee and […]

VERSeFest Day 5: Factory Series

The matinee event for 2pm on March 14th was a Factory Series event with Markotić and McElroy who both work with components of language more than starting from components of story. Their work in poetry seems more whole person some how instead of using the heart as a morphine pump while the rest atrophies. They […]