I’m spread far on the internet. Not like the days when I had a dozen blogs, each to a subject, but when I’m silent here I may have posted at Instagram, Patreon or twitter. I am in an editing crunch cycle. I’m going through the last 6 months of poem drafts, seeing what has legs, […]

A.M. Klein list

Because the Sun Hell Light Flesh Memorial Suite The Fool A Number of Stunning Attacks Alpha Female Chronicles footlights still Ghost Face Not in Vain You’ve Sent Me Light The Eleventh Hour The Only Card in a Deck of Knives I Am the Big Heart  See the publishers and authors list. Shortlist of poetry of Quebec writers for […]

Dominican Poet

When I  met Andre I met a great poet, although I never will know his last name. In 1995 while I was a TA in an adult ESL class in Ottawa, he was the sort of tall person who stooped and spoke quietly as if to keep a small presence and to not intimidate with […]

FW: League contest & mentorship

News from the LeagueThe P.K. Page Mentorship program is currently accepting applications from emerging and established poets! The selected applicants will participate in a mentorship program from September 5 to November 5, 2021. Mentees and mentors will meet every other week (likely digitally) for two hours to discuss a poetry work-in-progress as agreed upon prior to […]


I am book-centric. Most of my life goes towards buying books, reading books, writing books, selling books, mailing books, editing books, writing grants for writing books. I am currently editing 2 books. I hope to finish them and another I have conceived. And to finish 2 poetry collections next year, then I will be clear […]